We’ve Got Mail

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, July 2009, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Spiritual Power

Thanks for the November 2008 article “Running a Good Race.” I enjoyed the part in the article where Makena shared her favorite scripture, Luke 1:37. When I read this scripture I felt the Spirit testify that it was true. Since I am living in the decade of decision, this scripture helped me feel surer of myself. The New Era is a smorgasbord of spiritual power. I also enjoy The Extra Smile. Whenever I feel down, The Extra Smile puts a smile on my face.

Steven M.

Counsel from General Authorities

I really enjoy reading the New Era and learning from the words of our General Authorities. Their counsel is full of truth and helps answer our problems. The Church is full of truth, and to see that truth you must have faith. To have that faith you must pray, then act with faith.

Ha‘atoa V., California

I really liked the article “The Truth is on the Earth Once More” (Jan. 2009) by Elder M. Russell Ballard. It’s great to have a leader’s testimony written in each issue in a magazine that I can read almost whenever or wherever I want. I especially liked this article because it contained a testimony of not only the truth of the gospel, but also about the events that so greatly define our beliefs.

Noelle P., Oregon

Sunday Activities

Thank you so much for the cover story of the March 2009 issue about playing sports on Sunday. This past week I had a soccer tournament on a Sunday and I was debating whether to play or not. All my friends were, and I was very tempted to play. This article helped me realize that life is not all about soccer or other sports. It helped me realize it is much more important to show I am dedicated to my Heavenly Father and that I will sacrifice anything to be with Him again. Thanks again!

Kjersty C., Utah

The Blessing of Paying Tithing

The article entitled “No One Will Ever Know” (Feb. 2009) strengthened my testimony of the law of tithing. The scriptures say that if we pay our tithing the Lord will bless us. He promises this. It is sometimes hard to pay tithing when you earn money, but we need to remember that it all belongs to our Heavenly Father and He allows us to keep 90%.

Nathan L., Utah


Thanks so much for the music, article, and talk downloads. They are a great way to feel the Spirit stronger during the day.

Lori T., Arizona

No Cussing Club

I am 12 years old and go to an elementary school. Even though there are mostly little kids there, swearing is still a problem. Thank you for the article “No Cussing Club” (Mar. 2009). It is good to know that I am not the only one dealing with cussing. The article had good suggestions on how to help.

Andrew H., Idaho

Illustration by Mark Shaver