We’ve Got Mail

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, May 2009, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Theme for 2009

In the 2009 Mutual theme, the word conversation to me meant the way we speak. Only when I read about the Greek meaning of the word in the Jan. 2009 New Era did I know that it meant not only to be an example in what you say, but in all you do. I am grateful for the scriptures, a latter-day prophet, my Sunday School teacher, and especially my loving family, which teaches and guides me to become “an example of the believers.”

Ryan G.

A Brand New Year

Thank you for advertising A Brand New Year (Jan. 2009) in your magazine. I went to the site not sure what I would find, and I’m so glad I did. I downloaded every song and listen to them all the time. I love the spirit that each song brings. One day this week I was feeling very sad, and the words to a song came to mind: “Whatever comes, we’ll rise above it, till we find our way back home.” There are only two active members of the Church in my high school. I really enjoyed “Youth All over the World.” It helped me feel much stronger and able to face the trials that come when there are so few members around me.

Emily R., Wisconsin

December’s Advent Calendar

I really liked the advent calendar (Dec. 2008) and focused a family home evening on it. My family and I started planning and decided on a task: my sister and I made homemade mincemeat pies and took them to an elderly woman in our neighborhood. That made her very happy, and we decided to visit her more often. My mum, sister, grandmother and I also sang the song “Little Baby” at our ward’s Christmas party.

Alice T., Scotland

Why Am I LDS?

Thank you so much for printing the article “Why Am I LDS?” (Feb. 2009). I was wondering that very same question when I got the New Era. The article helped me gain a testimony of the gospel.

Rachel R., Georgia

All around the World

Thank you for the opportunity to learn about the Church in different countries. When I get the New Era each month, I can’t wait to read about whatever country’s information is in the magazine. This is what gave me the desire to study different languages and countries. Right now I am learning German and Spanish. I recently bought a Book of Mormon and Bible in German. Thanks for the great inspiration you have given me.

Trishia T., California

Dating Standards

Thank you for the article “My Secret Crush” (Feb. 2009). I really enjoyed it because I can apply it to my own life. I have some friends who are already “dating,” and it’s nice to know that there’s something to show them when they ask me why I’m not dating.

Kristi H., Utah


When I looked through the Feb. 2009 issue of the New Era, I saw a picture of a crocodile and wondered why it was there. When I was done looking at the Mormonad, I understood the connection between the crocodile and pornography and why it’s wrong. The Mormonads are great. Thank you for printing them.

Cade W., Ohio

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