We’ve Got Mail

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Mar. 2009, 48

We’ve Got Mail

Worth of Womanhood

Thank you for your articles on the worth of womanhood in the November 2008 issue (“True Beauty,” “The Message: The Sanctity of Womanhood”). I had been having a rough time with feeling my own individual worth before I read this issue, but when I read those articles they provided a spiritual boost. In “True Beauty” Elder Robbins said that “we have far more control over our happiness than we sometimes think we do.” This gave me reason to work toward being more optimistic. Thank you for the suggestions.

Felicia J., Idaho

Thank you for putting “True Beauty” in the November 2008 New Era. I have been struggling with my self-image lately, and I desperately wanted to know how I could be attractive to others. When I read this article, I was enlightened and renewed. It helped me to see that being beautiful is not just about cosmetics and clothes, and it also helped me to realize that my inner beauty is what counts the most.

Karissa S., Idaho

Help for Problems

I have had a lot of problems, but reading the New Era stories and thinking about what they mean helps me overcome them. It helps me realize my worth and come closer to understanding the scriptures.

Richeward H., Samoa

Feeling the Spirit

Thank you for putting together a magazine for the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The articles are often very good, and I love reading the cartoons. I can learn a lot from the articles. When I was waiting to do baptisms for the dead, I picked up a New Era in the temple, and it helped me to feel the Spirit.

Jacob W., Ohio

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy having the New Era around the house. It is uplifting to read, and there are always good articles. My Sunday School teacher challenges us to read it every month, and it makes me feel good to read it.

Noah B., Utah

Standing Strong

I frequently read the New Era and am always encouraged with the stories and messages in it. I especially enjoyed the October 2008 issue, “You Can Stand Strong.” I believe that a lot of the problems in our world today exist because of the many ways youth are lowering their standards and values. I am grateful that the New Era encourages us to make good choices and stand up for what we know is right. Reading the magazine helps me remember the things I learn from my parents and Church leaders and makes me want to be a good example to those around me.

Jesse G., Utah

The article “A Night to Remember” (Feb. 2007) helped me through an experience with standards. I was invited to a party by one of my nonmember friends. I was presented with a choice to either wear something inappropriate or dress in a way that a Latter-day Saint should. This article came to mind, and without hesitation I made the decision to wear what I knew was modest.

Roechelle S., Samoa

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