Undeserving of His Love
March 2009

“Undeserving of His Love,” New Era, Mar. 2009, 46

Undeserving of His Love

I was taking the sacrament one day when I suddenly felt the Lord’s love rest upon me, comforting and wonderful. I didn’t know why it came to me right then, but I thought it was the greatest feeling in the world. It was complete joy and love.

As I sat there, I started to think of how undeserving I was of His love, and I wondered why I was so blessed. I hadn’t done everything right, but still I was forgiven, time after time. I was blessed beyond measure, and I wondered how I could deserve such treatment.

In my life, I have been taught about Christ. He is perfect and deserved everything. Instead, he received the bitter cup. He went below all things and suffered so much. He did not deserve it, but He accepted it. He suffered so I, who felt so undeserving, could receive countless blessings, and so I could return to live with God. I receive so many blessings through and because of Christ. His love is so strong He was willing to suffer for me and for everyone. I am grateful for Him and his sacrifice.