What’s in It for You
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“What’s in It for You,” New Era, Nov. 2008, 47

What’s in It for You

Mutual Activity Idea

• Organize a tournament based on childhood recess games such as hopscotch, four-square, jacks, or marbles. Mark the lines needed for the games on the floor of the cultural hall with masking tape. Emphasize having fun over the competition.

Personal Progress or Duty to God Idea

• Read the article “Anna’s Afghans” on page 28. Choose someone in your ward that has a talent or skill you would like to learn. Ask them if they would agree to teach you. Be dependable and on time in keeping appointments with them. You might discover a new friend.

Family Home Evening Idea

• Introduce a “That Was Nice” jar. Each time a family member does something nice (even simple things), write them on a slip of paper and put them in the jar. For children too young to write, have them ask an older sibling or a parent to help. Each week at the beginning of family home evening, open the jar and read the slips. Your family could start watching for the nice things done for each other.