We’ve Got Mail
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“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Nov. 2008, 48

We’ve Got Mail

With the New Era proving how far the gospel has traveled, it encourages me to be a better missionary.

Sudoku Puzzle

Thank you so much for putting in a scripture-related Sudoku puzle in the July 2008 issue. I love Sudoku puzzles, and I especially enjoyed this one. It helped me to memorize the scripture, and now I remember it every day. This little game has proved to be helpful in my life.

Shaney W., Washington

A Valuable Tool

As a long-time leader and teacher of youth, I want to thank you for your many fine stories and articles. A week has rarely gone by when I have not used the New Era to supplement my lessons. It is a valuable tool for teaching gospel principles.

Betty H., California

Hidden Treasure

Imagine my surprise as I read “My Family Treasure Hunt” (May 2008) to find that the author and I share the same relative, Joseph Argyle. Some of her information sent me on a treasure hunt of my own. I found information on relatives that were only names before. One never knows where treasure is hidden.

Linda W., Utah

All Over the World

I appreciate how the New Era has been using comments from youth from all over the world in the magazine! It truly shows how widespread the Church is and that the true gospel of Jesus Christ is flooding the earth. But the gospel cannot spread without us—each member—doing our part. And with the New Era proving how far the gospel has traveled (that missionary work does spread the gospel), it encourages me to be a better missionary.

Lori, Arizona

Fighting Temptations

I really enjoy reading the New Era. When I read them I am touched by the Spirit. I especially liked the article “Meeting Your Goliath” (June 2008). I liked how it relates to us teens: that even though we may not be fighting nine-foot-tall giants, every day we fight temptations that Satan throws at us.

Steven S.

A Note to the Good Girls

I would like to thank Rhett Wilkinson for writing “A Note to the Good Girls” in the May 2008 New Era. I moved to Korea a year ago, and it is still hard for me. There aren’t very many members of the Church who speak English, and there are only about 300 students in my school. This note really touched me. It helped me realize my true worth and that I am a daughter of God. I taped it to my door to help remind me to do good, even if I think no one is looking.

Aimee H., Seoul, Korea

I really enjoyed the article “A Note to the Good Girls” (May 2008). This article totally explains my feelings about girls and our standards. I am glad that I could read this article and think about the girls in my ward and also the other girls that I know who belong to the Church who are living our standards and are a good influence. Thanks to all you young women out there who are setting a great example. I really appreciate and respect you and your efforts.

Ethan G., Utah

Illustrated by Scott Greer