We’ve Got Mail
May 2008

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, May 2008, 48

We’ve Got Mail

My Favorite Scripture

I’m very grateful for receiving spiritual encouragement every time I read the New Era. I am serving a mission in West Africa, and many times I hear about problems from investigators and less-active members I meet. I had been searching in the scriptures about how to answer their concerns, and then I found the one I needed in “My Favorite Scripture” (Nov. 2007). We shared this scripture with one of our less-active members, and he felt the Spirit, and decided to become strong again in the Church. I’m so thankful for this powerful scripture (Alma 36:3), and want to thank the author for sharing it.

Elder Tuvaifale, Sierra Leone

Extra Smile

My favorite thing to read in the New Era is the “Extra Smile.” It used to be the only thing I read in the magazine, but somehow, when I flip through the New Era, I end up actually reading the other articles.

Spencer M., location not given

From Alaska

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the recent articles about Alaska in the New Era (Sept. and Nov. 07). I am a true Alaskan, and I’m so happy to see stories of my lifestyle and state portrayed in the New Era.

Denali L., Alaska

Fun and Spiritual

I love to read the New Era because it is so fun and spiritual. I especially liked the September 2007 issue. It was really cool. Thank you for the uplifting articles.

Meghan C., Utah


I really liked the January 2008 issue of the New Era. One of the stories, “No Need for Tattoos,” really inspired me to look at my “temple.” My friends know my standards, but sometimes they try to tempt me with bad decisions that I know I will regret later in life. In the story, the therapist said the author could get tattoos to cover his scars. I thought the idea of ruining your temple just for the comfort of no visible scars was a silly idea. Staying fast to my standards is my priority.

Laurel Z., California

Don’t Chance It

Thank your for the article “Don’t Chance It” (Jan. 08). It really helped me to understand that gambling is more than just the stuff you see in casinos. The article helped me grow closer to the Savior and helped get my friends away from bad habits.

Tyler S., Idaho

Touched My Heart

I’ve loved the New Era since I turned 12 and received the January 2006 issue. One of my favorite articles was “The Least of the Leaders” (Jan. 08). This simple story touched my heart, and I want to thank you for it.

Catherine C., Arizona

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