Q&A: Questions and Answers
May 2008

“Q&A: Questions and Answers,” New Era, May 2008, 14–16

Q&A: Questions and Answers

“I know it’s important to study the scriptures. How do I find the time?”

New Era

Your days are busy: you need to eat, go to school, do homework, spend time with family, study scriptures, pray personally and as a family, attend Church activities, and perhaps practice sports or musical instruments and hang out with friends. How do you find time to do it all?

What you accomplish each day is up to you; you can decide what is important to you and where to devote your time. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish if you prioritize your activities.

Find a time of day for scripture study when you are alert and receptive to the Spirit. Ideally, you would find a quiet time and place at home, but you could also use time on a bus or in a car or during part of your lunchtime. It works best to set the same time each day.

With scripture study as a priority, you will find time to make it happen. As a result you will receive incredible blessings: greater insight, knowledge, and access to the Spirit. You will have the armor of God as a protection. You will feel the Savior’s love as you learn of His gospel in the scriptures. The reward is definitely worth the effort.


Be Committed

I found that reading my scriptures early in the morning helps me to live my standards throughout the day. You have to be committed and willing to do it. If you put your scriptures where you can see them each morning or night, you will be reminded to read them.

Tyler S., 14, Idaho

It Gives You Strength

Finding time to read the scriptures is essential because it gives you the strength for coping with the challenges and problems of today’s world. Satan wants you to be too busy with other things so you won’t read your scriptures. If you set a certain time of day and you stick to it, it becomes natural to you and not such a burden.

Alicia K., 16, West Virginia

No Distractions

I had a hard time reading and studying my scriptures, but I prayed for help in finding time to read. I got my answer when we had stake conference. A speaker said to read 20 minutes a day with no distractions, and it will be a great blessing in your life. I did that and ever since then I have had many things happen that have a good effect on my life.

Lindsey D., 15, New Mexico

Anytime Is a Good Time

Anytime is a good time to read the scriptures. The scriptures will mean more to you and will be of more importance to you if you show Heavenly Father that you are determined to study them. Sometimes you may not want to read your scriptures, or you may come up with an excuse not to, but learning to overcome those feelings and learning to love the scriptures will greatly influence how you feel the Spirit.

Amberly R., 16, Maine

Set Priorities and Pray

First, find a time that works for you. I have to do it in the morning before school. I fall asleep at night. Make sure you study at the same time every day. Second, make it a priority. It isn’t a matter of having time, it is a matter of making time and putting your priorities first. Third, pray for help. God will bless you to find the time to do everything He has asked of you.

Cindy L., 16, Utah

Do It First

Reading the scriptures is like paying tithing. If you don’t do it first, you will be hard-pressed to do it later. I heard someone say that you always have time for what you put first. When I am short on time, I always try to set my alarm earlier than I need to. That way I know I will be able to fit scripture study in.

Ryan H., 17, Nebraska

Make Time

Most people I know make time to watch TV, play sports, or hang out with friends. If you make time for these things, you can certainly find time to improve your life by reading the scriptures daily. Personally, I enjoy reading the scriptures before I go to bed. It calms me down and helps me have good dreams.

Shannon J., 18, Idaho

Choose a Topic

Honestly and sincerely studying and searching the scriptures just once can make you yearn to do it again. You will be determined to make time for it. A good and easy way to start studying is to get a book like True to the Faith and pick a topic to study and read the scriptures that correspond. It truly is an awakening of the mind.

Preston P., 18, Idaho

Discover and Rediscover

President Kimball said, “I am convinced that each of us must discover the scriptures for ourselves—and not just discover them once, but rediscover them again and again” (Ensign, Sept. 1976, 5). Create time to study the scriptures “in a determined and conscientious manner, and we shall indeed find answers to our problems and peace in our hearts” (Ensign, Sept. 1976, 3). Study and search the scriptures, and we will come to know and love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His love for us.

Patience N., 23, Nigeria

Photo illustration by Christina Smith