What’s in It for You

    “What’s in It for You,” New Era, Sep. 2007, 47

    What’s in It for You

    Mutual Activity Idea

    • Create your own game of scripture bingo. Have each person make a card by writing the name of a New Testament book in each of 15 squares. Cut up the list of books, and draw the names out of a bowl. Try Book of Mormon names next.

    Personal Progress or Duty to God Idea

    • Go over your Personal Progress or Duty to God booklets with your parents. Plan how they can help you complete some of your goals. You may want to include more family members in working on your goals.

    Family Home Evening Idea

    • Try creating your own Line upon Line like the one on page 43. Take a verse of scripture, or perhaps several verses, and go through them word by word. Look up any difficult or unfamiliar words. Ask a member of the family to try to find a quote from the General Authorities about the scripture on the Church’s Web site (LDS.org). You might even write down on a poster what you have learned about that scripture. To include younger brothers or sisters, you might use illustrations or pictures when you can.

    Sunday Lesson Helps

    In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in the May and November Ensign), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 37–41.

    Young Women Manual 2

    Lesson 37: Maintaining Chastity through Righteous Living

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    Lara Bangerter, “Man of My Dreams,” New Era, June 2001, 8.

    Lesson 38: Physical Health

    Danielle Nye Poulter, “Weighing In for a Mission,” New Era, Sept. 2006, 32.

    Riley M. Lorimer, “Take Care,” New Era, July 2007, 34.

    Lesson 39: Preventing Disease

    Idea List: “A Healthier You,” New Era, Nov. 2006, 23.

    “Staying Healthy: Welfare Services Suggests How,” Ensign, Jan. 1981, 10.

    Lesson 40: Self-Mastery

    Joe E. Christensen, “I Resolve,” New Era, Jan. 1998, 4.

    Robert E. Wells, “In Control,” New Era, Sept. 1987, 4.

    Lesson 41: Optimism

    New Era Poster: “Develop a Good Attitude,” New Era, July 2005, 19.

    Vicki Leavitt Driggs, “The Grudge,” New Era, Nov. 1986, 12.

    Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2

    Lesson 37: Understanding Women’s Roles

    Gordon B. Hinckley, “The Women in Our Lives,” Ensign, Nov. 2004, 82.

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    Lesson 38: Living Righteously in an Unrighteous World

    Jeffrey R. Holland, “Be Ready and Worthy,” New Era, May 2006, 2.

    Thomas S. Monson, “A Code to Live By,” New Era, Sept. 2005, 4.

    Lesson 39: Moral Courage

    David A. Bednar, “Be Honest,” New Era, Oct. 2005, 4.

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    Lesson 40: Avoiding and Overcoming Temptation

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    April Anderson, “Chicken Bones,” New Era, Aug. 2005, 19.

    Lesson 41: The Sacrament: In Remembrance of Him

    William Powley, “In Any Language,” New Era, May 1995, 38.