Institute: It’s Where You Want to Go

    “Institute: It’s Where You Want to Go,” New Era, Sep. 2007, 22–23

    Institute: It’s Where You Want to Go

    First Institute …

    Ever: Moscow, Idaho (1926)

    Outside the U.S.: Alberta, Canada (1952)

    Outside the U.S. and Canada: Mexico (1959)

    Newest Institute:

    Angola (2007)

    Location, Location, Location

    Many institutes are housed in buildings near a college campus, but in areas without an institute building, classes can be taught in campus classrooms, ward meetinghouses, homes, office buildings—pretty much anywhere people can meet. You can find an institute near you by using the online Institute Locator. Go to and click on Locate an Institute.

    Institute Classes

    At the start of each school term, you can register for any classes the institute offers. In addition to classes about each book of scripture, you may find the following classes at an institute near you:

    • Missionary Preparation

    • Preparing for Eternal Marriage

    • The Gospel and the Productive Life

    • The Gospel and World Religions

    • Latter-day Saint History

    • Presidents of the Church

    • Introduction to Family History

    • Teachings of the Living Prophets

    Map of the world

    Map by Thomas Child

    Photographs by Matt Reier, Steve Bunderson, and PhotoDisc