We’ve Got Mail

    “We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Nov. 2004, 50

    We’ve Got Mail

    Dancing Attitude

    As soon as I saw the dancers on the cover of the August New Era, I wanted to read it. I look forward to the monthly youth dances in my stake. My friends and I have so much fun, but it’s not because we know how to dance. It’s because of the attitude we have before we go. We know that we’re going to have more fun out on the floor than if we’re standing by the wall. It is a great way to get to know people. Girls shouldn’t be scared to ask guys to dance. Just open up, and you’ll have an awesome time!
    Brooklyn Davies, Red Deer First Ward, Red Deer Alberta Stake

    Overcoming Envy

    I would like to thank Rosalyn Eves for the Instant Messages story “I Envy You” (Aug. 2004). Lately I had been getting envious of the girls in my Beehive class for their clothes. One Sunday when I got home, I was so depressed that I just plopped on the couch and started reading the New Era. The first thing I turned to was the comics, thinking they would put a smile on my face. But somehow I ended up reading the Instant Messages. The first one was on envy. As I read I thought of how I too have been envious not only of my Church friends but also my nonmember friends. I then knew that I had to do what Rosalyn did.
    Name withheld

    A Beautiful Poem

    Thank you to the New Era for putting out a magazine that is so spiritually edifying. I love to receive this every month and to find how all the stories and articles relate to my life. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the poem “I Was Not There” (Aug. 2004). The message it brings across is amazing. Thank you, Kristy, for writing such a beautiful poem. It is so true. We weren’t there, but through the Spirit we know that the scriptures are true and describe actual events.
    Heather Burgess, Rancho Vista Ward, Lancaster California Stake

    A Better Missionary

    “Someone to Listen” from the August 2004 New Era really helped me have a better knowledge of how to reply to others’ questions about the gospel. It also helped me not to be discouraged when some may not respond the way I desire. I used what I learned from this article the next day when I had a missionary opportunity.
    Brittany Moore, Osceola Ward, Des Moines Iowa Stake

    Elder Holland’s Article

    Every month I can’t wait to get another New Era magazine. I recently read the article written by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (“Remember How You Felt,” Aug. 2004). I liked it a lot.
    Dallin Waite, Craig Ranch Ward, North Las Vegas Nevada Stake

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