It Started with Jean

    “It Started with Jean,” New Era, Nov. 2004, 44

    It Started with Jean

    Not long ago I received a telephone call from a remarkable woman named Jean who asked if she and her daughter could visit me.

    More than four decades ago, I had baptized Jean. As we discussed the gospel lessons in 1956, Jean’s four-year-old daughter, Sherrie, sat on her mother’s knee. Now, Sherrie is grown with five sons. All have served missions. Jean and Sherrie told me that at least 67 people have joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of Jean’s conversion.

    I labored for 10 months in Decatur, Illinois, having five companions during that time. We were quite discouraged in 1956 when with all our efforts, only Jean’s baptism resulted. She joined the Church with this remark: “I have been waiting for many years to find the faith that explains how everyone who ever lived, or will live, can have the chance to be saved in God’s kingdom. No other church could do it. I know you have the true Church.”

    “How grateful I am,” said her daughter, Sherrie, “that you stopped by and taught my mother the true gospel of Jesus Christ.”

    Suddenly, all the doors I knocked on during my 10-month stay in Decatur were worth it.

    • Hartt Wixom is a member of the Ivins 10th Ward, Ivins Utah Stake.