Feeling Sure

    “Feeling Sure,” New Era, Aug. 2004, 47–48

    Feeling Sure

    My good friend introduced me to the Latter-day Saint missionaries. At the time I met them it was hard to understand English, but my friend helped me to understand them and the teachings they brought. When the missionaries invited me to be baptized, I found it hard to leave my old culture and teachings. They shared their testimonies and said I needed to ask the Lord for a testimony, too.

    One night I prayed after reading the Book of Mormon, and I received the confirmation by the Spirit that what I had been taught was true. I was baptized in June of 1998. I felt a strong spirit that day.

    Two years later I was called to serve the Lord in the Singapore Mission. I was called to bear my testimony to others. I am eternally grateful for that opportunity.

    Today my testimony grows stronger as I read the Book of Mormon. I love this Church and the teachings that come from the prophet of the Lord. I am grateful to those who taught me and changed my life by bearing their faith-promoting testimonies.