Of All Things
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“Of All Things,” New Era, Aug. 2004, 36

Of All Things

Who Am I? Book of Mormon Hero

Read about my life to figure out who I am. Discover more about me from the scripture references at the end.

  • My grandfather and father were prophets.

  • The Book of Mormon mentions my two younger brothers.

  • When he was young, my father was “a very wicked and an idolatrous man.”

  • Later my father had a remarkable spiritual experience that turned his life around. He liked to tell my brothers and me of his wonderful experience.

  • Late in his life, my father took my brothers on a mission to the Zoramites.

  • After returning from his mission to the Zoramites, my father challenged me to trust in God and prepare myself to take responsibility for the sacred records, telling me “that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6).

  • I became a leader in the Church.

  • During my life a wicked man named Amalickiah wanted to become king of the Nephites.

  • I was a friend and colleague of Moroni, leader of our armed forces.

  • I helped persuade the people of Ammon not to go to war against the Lamanites. I agreed to lead their sons in battle.

  • I fought many battles with my “sons,” and we helped drive the Lamanites out of our land.

  • Before I died I returned to preaching the gospel to my people, and my younger brother took care of the sacred records.

For the answer see Mosiah 18; Mosiah 27; Mosiah 29:42; Alma 31:7; Alma 36; Alma 37; Alma 38:6–9; Alma 45:20–22; Alma 46:1–4, 38; Alma 48:19; Alma 49:30; Alma 53:10–22; Alma 58:41; Alma 62:38, 45; Alma 63:1.

“Lead, Kindly Light”

John Henry Newman wrote this hymn while he was stranded on his way back to his English homeland. The night was dark, and he was far from home. The boat he was on was surrounded by fog, the captain had lost his bearings, and his boat wasn’t going anywhere. It was no wonder he needed a “kindly light amid the encircling gloom” to lead him home.

You too can find the Light to lead you through dark times as you trust in Heavenly Father. (See Hymns, no. 97.)

It Happened in August

25 August 1878 The first Primary meeting was held in Farmington, Utah (above).

9 August 1903 Russia was first dedicated for the preaching of the gospel.

21 August 1927 President Thomas S. Monson’s birthday! He (left, as a young boy) was born in Salt Lake City.

14 August 1935 The Argentine Mission was organized. (There are now 10 missions in Argentina.)

Be a Leader

President Gordon B. Hinckley has told us we should lead out in honorable causes: “Become a leader in speaking up in behalf of those causes which make our civilization shine and which give comfort and peace to our lives. … Do not let fear overcome your efforts. … The adversary of all truth would put into your heart a reluctance to make an effort. Cast that fear aside and be valiant in the cause of truth and righteousness and faith. If you now decide that this will become the pattern of your life, you will not have to make that decision again” (“Excerpts from Recent Addresses of President Gordon B. Hinckley,” Ensign, Jan. 1998, 72).

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