Of All Things

“Of All Things,” New Era, May 2004, 38

Of All Things

Netherlands Newsbits

The first converts to the Church in the Netherlands were baptized on 1 October 1861, near a village called Broek bij Akkerwoude. On his way to Jerusalem in 1841, Elder Orson Hyde spent more than a week in Rotterdam explaining the gospel. But Latter-day Saint missionaries were not assigned to the Netherlands for another 20 years.

Now there are three stakes and about 7,900 Church members in the Netherlands. The Hague Netherlands Temple was dedicated on 8 September 2002.

Signing up for Modesty

Frustrated with how hard it is to find modest clothing, young women in the Harris First Ward, Mesa Arizona Central Stake, gathered more than 1,500 signatures from like-minded friends and classmates in just three weeks. What started as a Laurel project for Lisa Prince and Julie Despain grew to include the other 30 or so young women in the ward and became front page news. The petition drive earned them a lot of attention, both from the media and from a couple of national clothing retailers.

The youth stood as witnesses in interviews with two Arizona newspapers, radio shows in Ireland and Arizona, and magazines in Germany and Australia. They also got to talk with vice presidents of two major department stores. The girls were invited to submit their ideas, participate in focus groups, and try out new fashions. Representatives of both department stores said more modest fashions were on the way.

“We had no idea we’d get the response we did,” said DeLynn Bodine, the Young Women president.

In the end the young women realized that living their values could bless people all over the world.

They Spoke to Us

Looking for a way to get more from general conference? In May’s issue of the Ensign and Liahona, look for a new feature called “They Spoke to Us.” You’ll be directed to specific talks that answer questions like these:

Inspiration at Your Fingertips

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Test Your LDS I.Q.

The Prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood by John the Baptist on the banks of the Susquehanna River, near Harmony, Pennsylvania, on 15 May 1829. You’ve probably known that since Primary, but can you answer these questions about the story of the restoration of the priesthood?

  1. Who was the third person baptized in this dispensation, after Joseph and Oliver?

    1. Lucy Mack Smith

    2. Emma Smith

    3. Samuel Smith

  2. Why did Joseph go to Harmony to begin the translation of the plates?

    1. He and Emma wanted to visit Emma’s parents, Isaac and Elizabeth Hale

    2. To escape persecution in New York

    3. To be closer to Ohio, where the Church would be moving soon

  3. Which friend of Oliver Cowdery asked Oliver to write and tell him about Joseph Smith when Oliver met Joseph in Pennsylvania?

    1. Martin Harris

    2. David Whitmer

    3. Parley P. Pratt

  4. What were Joseph and Oliver praying about when John the Baptist appeared to restore the Aaronic Priesthood?

    1. How to baptize for the remission of sins

    2. How to receive the priesthood

    3. How to proceed in the translation of the gold plates

  5. Where does the Susquehanna River begin and end?

    1. Pennsylvania and Maryland

    2. New York and Maryland

    3. New York and Virginia


  • 1c; 2b; 3b; 4a (They had been translating 3 Ne. 11); 5b.