Help on My Exam

“Help on My Exam,” New Era, May 2004, 41

Help on My Exam

When I was in grade four, the day of our exam came. I was nervous that I might not pass the exam. While waiting for the school bus, I reviewed what I had studied the night before.

After I had reviewed, I gathered with my family to read a passage from a scripture mastery card. The verse was about prayer and the power of priesthood blessings. While I was listening, I was prompted to ask my father to bless me so I could pass the exam. As he blessed me, I calmed down and had peace of mind.

At school, I saw my classmates studying for the exam. The bell rang, and our teacher gave us the test. Before I started it, I went to a room, knelt down, and prayed. I went back to my classroom confident I could pass the exam. When I had finished the exam and was walking out of the classroom to go home, a classmate asked me, “Jarrel, do you think you’ll pass the exam?”

I said, “Let’s just find out tomorrow when we check the papers.”

When I got home, my mother asked me, “How was the exam?”

I said, “It went fine. I answered all the questions.”

The next day, I saw my scores—I passed the exam. I was very happy and thankful. I went home, knelt down, and thanked Heavenly Father for the wisdom and guidance He had given me during the exam. I then thanked my mother for helping me in my studies and my father for giving me a blessing.

I am thankful for priesthood blessings because they have helped me and so many members of the Church.

  • Jarrel N. Macariola is a member of the Tangub Ward, Bacolod Philippines South Stake.