With Him

    “With Him,” New Era, Feb. 2004, 47

    With Him

    The Atonement of Jesus Christ was a marvelous sacrifice. Christ not only atoned for the sins of the world, but He experienced the pains, sicknesses, and emotions we all have during this mortal life. Alma 7:11–12 has helped me understand that I am never alone in my trials. The Savior took upon Himself my pains, afflictions, and temptations—the ones I encounter every day. This knowledge assures me that He will always be there for me as long as I invite Him into my life. With Him, I know that I can endure my physical and spiritual trials.

    • Karen Burningham is a member of the BYU 91st Ward, Brigham Young University 21st Stake.

    Lost No More, by Greg Olsen