What’s in It for You

    “What’s in It for You,” New Era, Feb. 2004, 49

    What’s in It for You

    Mutual Activities

    • Both the Young Women and the Young Men have themes that they use as a guide. Bring the posters with the themes to a joint Young Women and Young Men activity. Have everyone repeat both themes, together and aloud. Ask some of the girls to explain the seven values and some of the boys to talk about the six points of their theme. This experience can help each group know what the other is striving for.

    • Invite a referee or sports specialist to a joint activity and have the specialist go over the rules of basketball or volleyball or whatever sport your ward likes to participate in. The specialist could even demonstrate some of the moves that are illegal or cause problems in games. Just knowing the rules can improve sportsmanship. Then read aloud “Church-Ball Champ” on page 26.

    Service Project Suggestion

    • Read Elder Robert D. Hales’s article, “Channeling Your Creativity,” on page 4. Under the direction of the bishop, obtain a list of people who need help in your ward. Get together and brainstorm ways to serve or solve some of the problems faced by these fellow ward members. Use your creativity. Some interesting and inventive solutions may result in enjoyable and effective service projects.

    Family Home Evening Ideas

    • Tell the story of President Heber J. Grant on page 36. Suggest learning some hymns, then practice singing them together. You can suggest songs from the Children’s Songbook as well as hymns that are less familiar.

    Sunday Lesson Helps

    In addition to the Resource Guides (printed in May and November in the Ensign and Liahona), Young Women and Aaronic Priesthood teachers may find these additional resources helpful in enhancing lessons 5–9.

    Young Women Manual 2

    Lesson 5 Home Environment

    New Era, June 2003, special issue on the family.

    Julie Baker, “Monday, Monday,” this issue, 14.

    Lesson 6 Sharing Work in the Home

    D. Lee Tobler, “Homegrown Happiness,” this issue, 10.

    Gene R. Cook, “Homemade Christmas,” New Era, December 2003, 34.

    Lesson 7 Living in Love and Harmony

    Kirk J. Faulkner, “Out of the Mouth of Blake,” this issue, 8.

    Lois Zurligen Jorgensen, “Ten Things I Love about You,” New Era, December 2003, 26.

    Scott Bean, “The Truth about My Family,” New Era, March 2003, 26.

    Lesson 8 Improving Communication Skills

    Q&A “What can I do to stay close to my dad … ?” this issue, 16.

    Q&A “My brother isolates himself. … How can I reach out to him?” New Era, June 2003, 16.

    Lesson 9 A Young Woman as a Peacemaker in Her Home

    Idea List: “Smooth Sailing Home,” New Era, October 2003, 15.

    Mamie Hunsaker Hammer, “What a B(r)other,” New Era, June 2003, 24.

    Aaronic Priesthood Manual 2

    Lesson 5 Agency

    H. David Burton, “Who’s Asking?” New Era, December 2003, 38.

    Shane Hamilton, “The Other Side of the Fence,” New Era, September 2003, 34.

    David O. McKay, “Dandy,” New Era, April 2003, 10.

    Lesson 6 Christlike Service

    Kirk J. Faulkner, “Out of the Mouth of Blake,” this issue, 8.

    Taylor Woodruff, “Getting the Point,” New Era, October 2003, 46.

    Lesson 7 The Eternal Importance of Families

    Gordon B. Hinckley, “Your Family,” New Era, June 2003, 4.

    “Our Greatest Happiness,” New Era, June 2003, 12.

    Scott Bean, “The Truth about My Family,” New Era, March 2003, 26.

    Lesson 8 Spirituality

    Poster, “Be a Strong Link,” New Era, September 2003, 34.

    Richard L. Evans, Gospel Classics: “Why All the Rules?” New Era, November 2003, 44.

    Lesson 9 Repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ

    Thomas S. Monson, “The Search for Jesus,” New Era, December 2003, 4.

    Charity Brunson, “Saving the Bees,” New Era, November 2003, 10.