What’s in It for You
July 2003

“What’s in It for You,” New Era, July 2003, 49

What’s in It for You

Personal Improvement

  • Are you struggling with a personal challenge or setback? Read Q&A (page 16) for some ideas about how to handle tragedy or adversity. Knowing that others face similar challenges may help you feel less alone.

  • If you’re feeling uncomfortable about defending your standards to your friends, read “Graduating with Honor” (page 40) for inspiration about ways you can graciously share your beliefs by making righteous choices.

  • July is the month Church members reflect on the sacrifices the pioneers made to establish the restored gospel (see “Following in Faith,” page 4). Learn about the first members of the Church in your own family, whether or not they crossed the plains 150 years ago. If they are still living, write them a letter of thanks for their sacrifices and courage.

Family Home Evening Ideas

  • “Be Honest with Yourself” (page 36) discusses many different consequences of being untruthful. With your family, read a recent copy of the newspaper and cut out articles reporting tragedies that may have been the result of dishonesty. Discuss ways such disasters might have been avoided.

  • As described in “Play Your Part” (page 30), the Howard family enjoys putting on plays together. If your family doesn’t have an activity that everyone can do, spend several family nights trying new things together. Some ideas are sports, singing, service, board games, gourmet cooking, or home-improvement projects.

Young Men and Young Women Activity Ideas

  • In “Locked Out” (page 26), a young woman is unable to attend a temple dedication because she is late. Prior to your next youth temple trip, spend a Mutual night going through a temple-preparedness checklist, discussing items like appropriate dress, reverence at the temple, procedures for obtaining a recommend, and so on.

  • Where will you be 15 years from now? With your leaders’ direction and help, make and bury a time capsule with your class or quorum (see “Time in a Tube” on page 44). In addition to items that will remind you of what’s happening this year, include a written copy of your testimony and your goals for yourself.

Leadership Development

  • In your next class or quorum presidency meeting, read “Light in the Land of Mystery” (page 20), and identify some leadership characteristics the youth in Nepal display. As a presidency, set a goal to develop at least one of these characteristics, and check your progress at your next meeting.