Idea List: Open Your Mouth
July 2003

“Idea List: Open Your Mouth,” New Era, July 2003, 29

Idea List:

Open Your Mouth

President Gordon B. Hinckley has challenged Church members to increase the number of converts and help them stay active (see Ensign, May 1999, 105). Here are some ideas from New Era readers on how you can do your part to spread the gospel.


  • Study the scriptures, pray, and attend seminary or institute so you will know how to answer people’s questions. The Lord will help you if you are prepared.

  • Prayerfully identify your friends and neighbors who would be most receptive to the gospel.

  • Pray each day for opportunities to share the gospel and for the Holy Spirit to be with you.

  • Keep an extra copy of the Book of Mormon handy—in your locker, schoolbag, or car.

  • Be tolerant of the beliefs of others, and be understanding if your friends are not interested in the Church.


  • After you identify who you feel might be interested in the gospel, talk to or write to them about your beliefs. Share your testimony and a Book of Mormon with them.

  • Find ways to serve nonmembers or less-active members in your ward. Invite them to a Church meeting or activity.

  • Be an example. That’s a great way to bear your testimony.

  • When someone asks you what you did over the weekend, tell about a Church activity.

  • Share a scripture with someone who’s having a bad day.

  • Go on exchanges with the full-time missionaries in your area if the opportunity arises.

Follow up

  • Introduce your interested friends to the full-time missionaries. Involve yourself in teaching the gospel to them, preferably in your home.

  • Welcome your friends and new members into the Church by being attentive and helpful.

  • Get more ideas from full-time missionaries in your area when you’ve used up the ideas on this list.

Photography by Craig Dimond