We’ve Got Mail
April 2002

“We’ve Got Mail,” New Era, Apr. 2002, 50

We’ve Got Mail

No one to talk to

Thanks a lot for publishing the story “A Day in the Life of a Superstar” (June 2001). I feel the same way Mike does. I feel there is no one to talk to about the way I feel about the Church and things. Lots of kids I know make fun of the Church. I live in Utah, so I know there are a lot more Mormons at my school than in other places. I just wish they would hold their standards high and act like examples instead of giving in to peer pressure.

Name Withheld

A warm-up

I would like to thank you all so much for all you do with this magazine. For a long time I could barely get myself to read the scriptures, but I could read the New Era. After a while the magazine became a sort of a warm-up for me, making me want to read the scriptures to gain even more from them. The stories have impacted my life so much, and I am forever indebted to the work put into this magazine.

Matt Roney
Atlanta, Georgia (via e-mail)

Excited to get it

I just want to say that your articles and stories are so good. You can always learn something from them. I especially loved the story “Just Hanging Out” (Aug. 2001). It taught me about dating and stuff. Thanks so much for making me excited to get the New Era every month.

Rachelle Brewer
Snowlow, Arizona

Questions I have

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your magazine. Questions and Answers always help me because they are questions I have, and the youth give great answers. The stories are awesome. I love reading them because they are a large help in dealing with problems I have. Thank you so much!

Katrina Dalton
Allen, Texas (via e-mail)

Can help us

Thank you for writing the article “My Terrible, Horrible Day” (Sept. 2001). I know exactly how that girl felt because there are days when I feel the same. And I know the power of the priesthood can help us in our daily activities. When I have really bad problems, a blessing is all it takes to put me back on my feet again. I really like this story.

Katrina Cox
North Las Vegas, Nevada (via e-mail)

A wonderful gift

I want to thank you so much for “My Terrible, Horrible Day” (Sept. 2001). I read that story right before school started, and I was so nervous because I had three super-tough classes. It reminded me of the wonderful gift of the priesthood. I am so grateful I am a member of the Church, and that I have a worthy priesthood holder for my father.

Heather Schultz
Westminster, California

Wide open

I just want to thank you for “Open Your Mouth” in the October 2000 issue. As a missionary this article helped me understand the importance of opening my mouth. I love the New Era and will continue reading and pondering the messages in the articles.

Elder Asuquo Nsisong
Nigeria Lagos Mission (via e-mail)