Reader’s Guide
April 2002

“Reader’s Guide,” New Era, Apr. 2002, 49

Reader’s Guide

Creative ideas for using this issue of the New Era.

Family Home Evening Ideas

• In “Reach Out and Climb” on page 42, Elder Oaks illustrates the importance of personal effort when facing a difficult challenge. Read a few favorite excerpts to your family, then identify something your family can work on together like regular family prayer or consistent scripture study.

Personal Improvement

  • “Becoming Beautiful,” page 46, describes one girl’s experience of being worthy to be sealed in the temple. The next time you visit the temple, spend some time quietly reflecting on the importance of being married there. Write your feelings in your journal or verbally share your thoughts with your family.

  • President Hinckley has counseled that all Church members should “Be Prayerful” (see page 36). If you’re out of the habit of saying personal prayers, devise some kind of reminder for yourself: a note taped to your nightstand or an object resting on your pillow. Make a goal to go for one whole month without missing a morning or evening prayer.

  • In Q&A on page 16, teens are warned of the dangers of pairing off with one person even if you’re just “hanging out.” Have you fallen into a friendship or dating rut? Invite some new people to join you and your friends when you get together. Make sure the group plans something to do instead of always watching a video.

Young Men and Young Women Activity Ideas

  • “Flowers of Mercy” on page 10 tells of the importance of demonstrating sympathy and compassion for others. Prayerfully identify something your class or quorum can do to let a family in your ward or neighborhood know you care about them. Some ideas might be doing yard work, making cards, or simply paying a visit. Clear all plans with your ward bishopric.

  • Being a convert to the Church can be a difficult trail to blaze for many youth, especially when they are from a different cultural or ethnic background (see “A New Tradition,” page 20). Is there a member of your class who can share a tradition, a food, or a game from another culture with the rest of the class? Increasing understanding can go a long way to make everyone more accepting of differences in all aspects of life.

Seminary Devotional

• On a large piece of paper, write out the scripture from James 1:5 that inspired the Prophet Joseph to go to the Sacred Grove. Cut the scripture up into pieces. Set aside the piece that reads, “ask of God.” Ask the class to assemble the pieces. The phrase, “ask of God,” will be missing. Bring out the last piece and place it to finish the verse. Point out that the most important thing in figuring out any puzzle or problem in life is to include asking God.