Reader’s Guide

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“Reader’s Guide,” New Era, Dec. 2001, 44

Reader’s Guide

Creative ideas for using this issue of the New Era.

Personal Improvement

  • Elder David B. Haight’s article on page 12 discusses the life of the Savior. Read the portion about the sacrament and look up the scriptures that are listed. Choose one scripture to commit to memory and ponder it while you take the sacrament this month.

  • “The Truth about Christmas” by Elder Rex. D. Pinegar on page 22 tells the story of unselfish family members who made sacrifices. Think of one nice thing your parents and each of your siblings has done for you. Write a brief thank-you note to each member of your family and place it in his or her Christmas stocking as a special Christmas surprise.

Young Men and Young Women Mutual Activity

  • Adapt the family tradition told in “Doorstep Nativity” on page 11 to be used as a youth activity. As a class, identify people in your ward (perhaps those who are elderly or living alone) who could use some extra Christmas cheer.

  • Q&A discusses the importance of getting along with your siblings. Invite class or quorum members to bring Primary-aged siblings (or other Primary-aged ward members if they don’t have younger siblings) along for a night of Christmas cookie baking or caroling. Give each youth who participates a copy of Elder Marvin J. Ashton’s quote on page 20.

Family Home Evening

  • Christmas was a much simpler holiday during Joseph Smith’s lifetime (see “Christmas with Joseph Smith,” page 8). As a family, decide on one way you can simplify your family’s celebration so that you can focus on enjoying time together. Or, add an old-time tradition (perhaps something from your own family history) to your holiday celebrations.

Leadership Tip

  • This issue of the New Era has a special emphasis on the life, ministry, and resurrection of the Savior. As a class or quorum presidency, read an article together and identify ways you can follow His example to better relationships in your class or quorum. Set a specific goal to emulate at least one Christlike quality in your leadership responsibilities.

Seminary Devotional

  • Briefly summarize “Wrapped Up in Myself” on page 34 for your class. Ask several class members to share an experience in which they were the recipient of someone else’s thoughtfulness. Read Matthew 25:40 together. Give each class member a pencil (perhaps tied with a bit of Christmas ribbon) to remind them of the giving spirit which should prevail during this season.