Idea List: Building a Testimony of Christ

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“Idea List: Building a Testimony of Christ,” New Era, Dec. 2001, 17

Idea List:

Building a Testimony of Christ

A testimony of Jesus Christ is a priceless blessing. What better time than Christmas to learn more about the Savior and grow closer to Him? If you really want to have faith in and know Christ, try these suggestions on building your personal testimony:

  • Pray for a testimony of the Savior and the strength to be like Him.

  • One of the best ways to know Christ is to try to be like Him. Look for opportunities to serve this Christmas.

  • Share your testimony. Like our bodies, our spirits need exercise, so don’t let your faith lie dormant.

  • Believe and do. Faith does not start as perfect knowledge but grows as we learn and obey. If your actions are consistent with your belief in Christ, your testimony will continue to grow (see Alma 32:26–43).

  • Live your life so that you will be worthy of receiving promptings from the Holy Spirit, and it will testify of Christ (see John 7:17 and D&C 8:1–3).

  • If there are sins you need to repent of and forsake, don’t delay. Have faith in Christ’s Atonement.

  • Follow the words of the prophets, both living and ancient. They teach of Christ and show us how to be like Him.

  • Try to focus more on the birth and life of the Savior in your Christmas celebration than on parties or shopping for presents.

  • Read 2 Nephi 25:23–26, or another scripture about Christ, and write your thoughts and feelings about the Savior in your journal.

  • Read the Christmas story to a younger brother or sister, and teach them about the Savior (see Luke 2).

  • Read “The Living Christ: The testimony of the Apostles” (New Era, Apr. 2000, 20–21).

  • Learn all of the words to the hymn “I Believe in Christ,” (Hymns, no. 134).

  • A testimony never stands still. It is either growing or diminishing. Be sure to keep your testimony alive by serving others, praying, staying worthy, and by sharing it.

Painting Simeon Reverencing the Christ Child by Greg Olsen