Saints of God
September 2001

“Saints of God,” New Era, Sept. 2001, 28

Saints of God

Ye Saints of God, with joyful praise

Give heart and strength to Him

Who lends us hope to overcome

And sends us power to win.

For with His power we’ll heal the land

And raise a glorious sound

And send the gospel through the earth

To nations all around.

Then Zion, O that blessed land,

Through Christ, shall conquer all.

The faith of just one righteous man

Makes Satan’s kingdoms fall.

If to the voice of that one man

We add our own in power,

We’ll banish evil from the land

And speed the millennial hour.

And from that hour all around

Shall goodness never cease.

His gentle love shall here abound

And bring us heaven’s peace.

Then man shall no more hate nor fear

Nor heed the tempter’s call,

For only one voice shall we hear,

Our Lord, Our God, Our All.