Erica’s Song
September 2001

“Erica’s Song,” New Era, Sept. 2001, 37

Erica’s Song

At 14 she’s already had her own musical produced. Yet her greatest desire is simply to have her music express her testimony and bless others.

Erica Glenn is just 14. But she was asked to write a song for her stake’s November 2000 Young Women celebration fireside. She lives in the Utah Pleasant Grove East Stake. Erica turned to her scriptures. “I wanted to find an example of a woman who really stood as a witness,” says Erica. “The story of Abish in the Book of Mormon (Alma 19:16–17, 28–29) really impressed me. She showed great courage by running from house to house to tell the people about the gospel and help them believe in God’s power.”

While writing songs was nothing new to Erica, this was her first experience at composing something for a Church program. “It was very difficult,” she says. “I fasted and prayed a lot about it. I wanted it to be as beautiful as it could because this was the most important purpose I had ever written a song for.”

Erica has been composing since she was six and feels blessed that the words and tunes come quickly. This time was different. “I actually started two months before the music was due. I worked on it every spare minute. I was so scared that it wouldn’t be all it should.” But with the Lord’s help, the song, entitled “Meditation on Alma 19,” complete with flute, violin, and piano accompaniment, inspires all who hear:

Running forth from house to house

Abish spreads the story.

She knows that soon all will see

God’s great love and glory.

Abish was a witness of Thee.

Father, may I be as Abish

Full of courage, standing firm.

Lift me that I, too, may be

Eager to share what I learn

And be a witness of Thee!

Erica can think of no greater way to be a witness of God than by using her talents to proclaim the gospel. She feels music can inspire people everywhere, especially the youth, to feel close to Heavenly Father.

Erica believes everyone is special and has talents. “Heavenly Father gave everyone talents,” she says. “If someone thinks they don’t have a talent, I tell them just to wait because it will eventually come out and be just as important as any other talent.” She includes being honest, having a positive attitude, and sharing a testimony as very important talents.