I Said Yes

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“I Said Yes,” New Era, May 1999, 11

I Said Yes

My answer to that unexpected question changed my life for the better, forever.

I was 19 years old when my older sister, Jan, was baptized. I was absorbed in my own thoughts as I sat uncomfortably on a folding chair waiting for the baptism to begin. My sister introduced me to the missionaries who had taught her the gospel, and they attempted conversation. But since I was naturally shy and had a lot on my mind that day, I wasn’t in the mood to talk.

Despite my resistance to conversation with the missionaries, when the opening hymn was sung, a warm feeling began to stir inside me. I paused to think about the prayers I had offered as a young child, prayers to Heavenly Father to help me find the true church.

After the opening prayer, a man spoke quietly, but with conviction, about Jesus Christ. Tears flowed down my face, and even though I was embarrassed, I felt warm and comfortable inside.

Jan looked radiant when she came out of the water. I was happy for her, so why was I crying?

When the meeting was over, one of the missionaries asked me, “What do you know about the Mormon Church?”

“Not much,” I said.

The other missionary asked, “Would you like to know more?”

Up until the beginning of the baptism, I hadn’t had any real desire to know more about the church my sister was joining. But now that feeling of peace and calm prompted me to answer the missionary’s question, “Yes, I would.”

Arrangements were made for me to hear the first discussion, and just a few weeks later, I felt those same warm feelings as I was baptized. Now, as long as I am worthy, I have that same peaceful feeling with me at all times—the feeling that comes from the Holy Ghost.

Illustrated by Steve Kropp