“Feedback,” New Era, May 1999, 50


    Seminary excitement

    Thank you for publishing the article “What a Way to Grow” (Aug. 1998). I couldn’t find anything to do, so I grabbed that issue, flipped it open, and there it was. It touched my heart deeply. For the first time I was actually excited to start seminary. Thanks to that article I’ve had a change of heart and will now go into seminary with a happy attitude.

    Trina Parkinson
    West Bountiful, Utah

    Pulled in the right direction

    Thank you for publishing such a great magazine. It is so easy for us to get caught up with books and magazines that pull downward instead of lifting us. The New Era provides a healthy alternative to other publications that have such low values and standards. It provides a great spiritual uplift, and it relates so well to us as youth.

    Amberly Palmer
    Branson, Missouri

    Getting real

    I really appreciated the article by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland “Real Friendships” (June 1998). I do know that only truly living the gospel and being true to the gospel principles is the key to true, lasting, triumphant friendships. This article really touched me. Thanks again.

    Elder Bimbol Masotes Llapitan
    Philippines Naga Mission

    Answer sought

    I have struggled with my testimony for a long time. I just moved to live with my aunt, and it has been really hard without my family. I was having an especially bad day and started to think about the Church. When I got the mail, the November 1998 issue of the New Era was there. My old home teacher had sent it. There was a story called “The Answer in Section 6.” As I read, I thought it sounded a lot like my situation. I felt like no one understood. I am reading the scriptures and praying almost daily to find if the Church is true. Even though I haven’t received an answer yet, I know God is looking out for me and that He loves me. I really needed something to help me that day, and I feel like Heavenly Father, in a way, sent the New Era.

    Name Withheld

    Perfect for teenagers

    Thank you so much for your great magazine. Everything in it is awesome, and I especially like the Q&A section. It seems like every question and answer is just for me. They have really helped me in tough decisions I have had to make. I could name about 20 different articles that have touched me personally, so I’ll just say that I love them all. The New Era is so perfect for teenagers. Keep up the great work.

    Simeon Brandon
    Salida, Colorado

    A happy reader

    A big thank you to the New Era for the article “Your Life Can Never Be the Same Again” (July 1998). I’m a new member of the Church, and I feel happy any time I read the magazine. When I read this article, tears began to roll out of my eyes because I know that Jesus is our Savior and this is His church. Thank you again for that article.

    Llwem Efiok Nyong
    Llyo, Nigeria