The Bulletin Board: Missionary Mementos
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“The Bulletin Board: Missionary Mementos,” New Era, Apr. 1999, 38

The Bulletin Board:
Missionary Mementos

Service with a Smile

Squeals of delight spread through the Chinyardzano Children’s Home as missionaries of the Zimbabwe Harare Mission delivered toys and books on Christmas morning. Although many of the missionaries were thousands of miles from home, none of them were homesick when they saw the huge smiles of the children, who had lost their own families to AIDS. Young missionaries entertained the children while couple missionaries held and fed tiny babies.

A New Era of Missionary Work

From Michigan, USA, (above) to Johannesburg, South Africa (right), missionaries and the New Era seem to be everywhere! More than 58,000 full-time missionaries are currently serving in 135 nations and territories. More than 217,000 subscribers from 41 nations and territories read the New Era, which can be used as an effective missionary tool.

Missionary Prep

Teens all over the world are learning to be effective missionaries. In Lake Havasu City, California, youth of the Blythe Ward had a “missionary training camp,” where they learned how to share the gospel with friends. These teens then went “tracting” in twos and found 12 families who wanted to know more about the Church!

In Utah, youth of the St. George 16th Ward participated in an “MTC night,” where everyone was assigned to a “mission” and a room where a returned missionary shared experiences from that particular mission.

At youth conferences in the Orlando Florida and St. Albans England Stakes, teens received written “calls” to be member missionaries. They then participated in “mini missionary training centers,” where they were assigned a companion and attended workshops on how to share the gospel with others. “My understanding of the importance of missionary work has grown, and I feel I’m better prepared to share the gospel with my peers,” says 16-year-old Rachael Solomon of Orlando.

Sister Missionaries

For sisters Kimberly and Kristen Sylva (left, inset) of Black Mountain, North Carolina, sharing the gospel comes naturally. During high school, both of these sisters brought their best friend into the Church.

Kimberly and her best friend, Kara Dillow, had a lot in common academically as the top two students in their class. But after Kara’s baptism, the two grew to have even more in common—testimony, Church, seminary, and youth activities.

Kristen introduced the gospel to her best friend, Lance Dome. Lance is now a missionary himself, serving in the Belgium Brussels Mission. (That’s Kara and Lance in the larger photo.)

Elder Tim Bunton of Raleigh, North Carolina, and Elder Johnathon Stoddard of Arlington, Texas, serving in the Philippines Quezon City Mission.