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“Feedback,” New Era, Apr. 1999, 50


Hers won’t

I want to thank you for putting the article “Your Life Can Never Be the Same Again” in the July 1998 issue. I believe no one’s life can ever be the same after feeling the Spirit so strongly for the first time. I know mine will never be.

Maggie Sabey
Littleton, Colorado

He will help

I thought I should say thank you for publishing the article “Your Life Can Never Be the Same Again” (July 1998). When I was reading it, I was on an airplane and feeling sort of nervous. I don’t like flying very much. This article made me feel better because it helped me realize that Heavenly Father really will help me if I ask and I am faithful.

Tom Perkins
Plymouth, New Hampshire

Not alone

I want to thank you for the article “Never Fear” (Sept. 1998). I, too, just started college and thought I’d be able to handle anything that life had to offer. To my surprise I was scared when I began school. Thank you again for publishing this article. It has helped me realize I’m not alone when starting college.

Michelle Baxter
Riverton, Utah

Spiritual reminders

I would just like to thank you for a few things. First, the August 1998 Q&A and also the article “My Worst Date Ever” (May 1998). I’m not old enough to date yet, but those two articles were spiritual reminders of the counsel we’ve been given to wait to date. I love the New Era and all its stories, stories that have happened to real people. I am always the first person to grab the magazine when it comes. Thanks once again for putting out a magazine that keeps me so close to Heavenly Father.

Linda Brisson
Lorton, Virginia

Another companion

I am a missionary, and the New Era is another companion here in the field. The articles are so uplifting. They give me strength every time I read stories that are similar to my experiences.

Sister Leily Tumulak
Philippines San Pablo Mission

Mormonad smile

There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for the New Era in my life. One thing that has always given me a power boost are the Mormonads. Every month I receive the New Era there is always a special thought in the Mormonad. I can always rely on that page bringing me a special message, one that is created so that we, the youth, can understand.

Agalelei Taosoga
Tutuila, American Samoa

Could have been

I had to write to tell you of my feelings toward one of your articles in the June 1998 issue. “Sunday Drive” caused me to think of beginning junior high last year. That first day I saw a lot of things, especially people I thought were some of the most spiritual I knew doing things they shouldn’t. When this article stated “Friends are important. When you pick your friends, you choose the direction of your life,” I almost started crying. When I saw these people fall, I realized that could have been me if I didn’t follow the Lord. Thank you for the wonderful articles you write every month about friends. I love this magazine, and I truly love the Lord.

Name Withheld
Layton, Utah