Idea List: Awesome Activity Nights
March 1998

“Idea List: Awesome Activity Nights,” New Era, Mar. 1998, 45

Idea List:

Awesome Activity Nights

Want to have a great activity night? The suggestions on this list should give you some great ideas for fun and service-oriented activities. If you’re looking for more spiritual, Christ-centered activities, look here in the coming months. We’re devoting a special list to that topic.

  • Organize. Make sure that all activities begin and end on time with prayer.

  • Plan. Write down what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it.

  • Remind. Call the people you’ve asked to help and remind them of their responsibilities.

  • Race. Relay races inside when it’s cold, or outside when it’s warm, are always fun. Add a silly activity or two as part of the race—blowing bubbles, singing a silly song, or eating soda crackers and blowing up a balloon—and you’ve got a sure winner.

  • Eat. Cut up loaves of french bread and assign people to bring pizza toppings, have an ice cream social, or roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

  • Dance. Learn how to line dance, ballroom dance, or do the jitterbug.

  • Serve. Go to a rest home and sing. Shovel snow, rake leaves, or mow lawns for widows. Serve food at a local soup kitchen.

  • Learn. Find out about professions you think are interesting and what preparation and skills are necessary. Learn how to quilt, cook, paint, or sew.

  • Read. Get together and share your favorite thoughts from the most recent general conference or New Era and why you like them. Or have a contest to see who can answer the most questions about a particular article or talk.

  • Share. Visit the less-active members of your class or quorum and let them know how much you miss them. Don’t forget to call ahead so they know when to expect you. Take a treat to share.

Photography by Welden Andersen