March 1998

“Feedback,” New Era, Mar. 1998, 50


It’s others too

I would like to thank you for a great magazine. I really enjoyed the article “It’s Not Just Alex” in the June 1997 issue. Although my brother doesn’t get drunk, I am in the same situation as Jamie. I often have her feelings too because people at church ask about my brother so much. I know they’re concerned for him, but I often feel like Jamie. I have talked to my mom, but I still feel lost sometimes. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone and thanks for a great magazine.

Name Withheld
North Carolina

Bored no more

I went to summer camp for six weeks, and at first I was really bored. But then I decided to read my scriptures. When my brother came to camp, he brought up the 1997 April New Era. I borrowed it from him and read every article. I have never really sat down and enjoyed a magazine so much. It helped strengthen my testimony. I especially liked “Clean Again.” It made me realize what I have to work on. Keep up the good work.

Joseph Bree
Crescent City, California

Uplifting and inspiring

As a servant of the Lord, I always look forward to zone conference, where the New Era and Ensign are given out to each companionship. The stories are very uplifting and inspiring to me. They help bring me up when I’m down and provide wonderful stories that are motivating. I’d just like to say thanks for a job well done.

Elder Seth A. Hulse
Houston Texas Mission

Finding help

I read the magazine all the time, especially the Mormonisms. But this time, instead of just skimming over the Question and Answer section, I actually read what it said. I just want to let you know that when I read Q&A, tears came to my eyes. It reminded me of how many rough times I have had over the past year. For the longest time I would just cry in my bedroom about all these things and not tell anyone why I was upset. I remember a lot of times just asking Heavenly Father why I was going through this. This article helped me see that I can always ask for help and he will help me.

Leita Moore
Angus, Ontario, Canada

Indescribable joy

I want you to know how much I enjoyed the How I Know story “Feed the Flame” (July 1997). Right before I received this issue, I had been pondering why I haven’t received such an answer. This brought such peace to my heart, and I realized we all have different ways of gaining our testimonies. I also know that if you have the desire to gain a testimony, you will. I enjoy the New Era and everything about the Church. It’s so wonderful and brings me indescribable joy.

Julie Johnson
Lanett, Alabama

Standing up

In the April 1997 New Era, I read the article “Trails and Trials.” This story really touched me because we were challenged in my Young Women class to stand up for what we believe and be nice to others. I am working on it. I am striving to be a pioneer to the people at my school. I know it’s going to be tough, but I have faith.

Tabby Nelson
Goldsboro, North Carolina