Idea List: The Rewards of Learning

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“Idea List: The Rewards of Learning,” New Era, Sept. 1997, 46

Idea List:

The Rewards of Learning

Ever won a trophy? A plaque for your wall? Even if you’ve never won such a prize, you have been given an opportunity to gain one of the greatest prizes of all—knowledge. But knowledge isn’t won in a drawing or by breaking the tape at the finish line. In fact, education never really ends. If you persevere, however, the pursuit of knowledge holds endless rewards, both temporal and spiritual. Here are some suggestions to make learning fun:

  • Read the newspaper. Also watch television documentaries and educational programs.

  • Read good books, especially nonfiction. Go to the library often.

  • Observe your mom or dad at work for a day.

  • Take family trips to historical sites, especially those in your area.

  • Join an academic decathlon team, math team, college bowl, the school newspaper, or the debate team.

  • Use your computer. There’s an incredible wealth of information on the Internet. Just remember to take it like television—in moderation and using good judgment.

  • Study the scriptures, conference talks, the Church magazines, and other gospel writings.

  • Go to church, but don’t just go. Listen and apply what you’ve heard.

  • Get a summer job, maybe as an intern in a field that interests you. It’s a good opportunity to decide if you really do like that field of work—before you get in any deeper.

  • Obey the Word of Wisdom. The Lord has said that those who obey this commandment “shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures” (D&C 89:19).

  • Read Doctrine and Covenants 93. Much of this section deals with intelligence, truth and light, especially verses 28–37 and 53 [D&C 93:28–37, 53].

  • Look in the Topical Guide or Guide to the Scriptures under “knowledge,” “understanding,” and “education.”

Illustrated by Steve Kropp