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“Feedback,” New Era, Aug. 1993, 50


They accomplished it

Thanks so much for the great article “Mission Accomplished” in the January 1993 New Era. Those of us in our small branch decided to use this idea as a youth activity. It was very uplifting for the less active youth in the branch, and we felt it helped them know we were thinking about them and cared that they weren’t there. But most of all, the effect upon the active youth was the greatest result of this activity. It helped us develop a greater relationship with each other.

The Bath Branch youth
Bath, New York

Just as dangerous

Thank you for the article “Eating Disorders: A Deadly State of Mind” (February 1993). I went on my first diet when I was 11 and suffered from bulimia for six years. I pray for the others out there who are headed on the same track. Please get off now before you lose more than just pounds. An eating disorder becomes a way of life, and it leaves little time for others or yourself because your energy and attention is always focused on food. I look back and see how much I missed and the people I distanced because of this self-absorbing cycle. I am now 24, and I’m learning to eat and look at food in a whole new way. Make no mistake about it, eating disorders are just as dangerous as an alcohol or drug addition.

Kristen Abts
Eugene, Oregon

An eye-opener

When my father brought in the mail today, he said there was an article in the New Era he thought I should read. I read the coverline that said, “Eating Disorders, P. 36” and I gave him a glare. I then walked into my room and read the article. I’ve been warned for about six months by many people who think I have anorexia nervosa. When I read that article, I felt like my prayers had been answered. It seemed like Janet Thomas was writing it directly to me. I want to thank the New Era for publishing “Eating Disorders: A Deadly State of Mind” and Janet Thomas for writing it. The article really opened my eyes. I do not know how I will ever pay you back.

Name Withheld

In other words, she likes it

I love the New Era and enjoy getting it every month. It’s really changed my life. I especially like FYI, the Mormonad, Mormonisms, the fiction, and any stories you do about youth from different countries.

Camille Nugent
St. Catherine, Jamaica

A big help

I really enjoyed the Book of Mormon scripture reference guide in the January 1993 New Era. Some of the references helped me a lot. The Book of Mormon is really a great tool, and I thank the New Era for helping me realize that.

Katie Harris
Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada

Check it out first

In June FYI, page 40, we suggested that you check on certification and liability insurance before you try the summer job suggestions. This is especially important when working with children. Since state and local licensing laws vary, you’ll need to check on the requirements in your area. We repeat: make sure you’re legal.