What to Take
June 1989

“What to Take,” New Era, June 1989, 39

Special Issue:
Sharing the Gospel

What to Take

Those who’ve been say, “Don’t leave home without it.”

We asked some returned missionaries about things they were glad they had with them on their missions and about the things they wished they had stuck in their suitcases. The following items may not be mentioned on the standard list, but you may be glad you packed them anyway.

  1. Clothesline and clothespins.

  2. Measuring cup and measuring spoons. Even in furnished apartments, these essential cooking items always seem to be missing.

  3. Tried and true recipes. You will likely be taking on some cooking duties for yourself and your companion. You may wish you could remember just exactly how to prepare something your mom has made. In some missions, recipes may need to be converted to or from the metric system.

  4. Extra buttons that match all your clothes.

  5. A strip of Velcro. You’d be surprised at the different uses you’ll have for it.

  6. Shower shoes or rubber thongs.

  7. Extra pairs of shoes or anything else if you’re a hard-to-fit size.

  8. Rubber galoshes to pull over regular shoes.

  9. Sisters need lots of extra stockings if going to a country where the sizes are different.

  10. An extra pair of contact lenses or glasses.

  11. A first-aid kit with your favorite over-the-counter remedies.

  12. A sewing kit with thread that matches all your clothes.

  13. Scissors and/or pocketknife.

Illustrated by Scott Snow