What to Send
June 1989

“What to Send,” New Era, June 1989, 57

Special Issue:
Sharing the Gospel

What to Send

When you care enough to send the very best.

Every missionary likes getting packages from family and friends. Instead of sending heavy presents that your missionary will have to lug around, impractical clothing, or inappropriate music, try a few of the following suggestions:

  1. A Book of Mormon with your testimony in it to give to an investigator.

  2. A cassette tape of Mormon Tabernacle Choir music.

  3. A conservative tie that matches his suit, or a scarf for a sister missionary.

  4. Nice-smelling soap.

  5. Lip balm.

  6. A few pictures of loved ones.

  7. Copies of Church magazines that might not be received in the mission field.

  8. Copies of favorite General Authority talks.

  9. Appropriate stickers that can be used on other letters or on treats for investigators.

  10. Homemade treats, if the missionary is close enough to receive them within a week.

  11. Regional food that the missionary can’t get in his area, i.e., boxed grits, peanut butter, salt-and-vinegar potato chips, etc.

  12. Socks or stockings.

  13. Seasonal treats, like Halloween candy, a small Christmas stocking, Easter egg dyeing kit, etc.

  14. Packaged food mixes, if the ingredients are unobtainable in the mission, like drink mix, brownie mix, salad dressing mix, etc.

  15. Favorite toiletries, like a favorite brand of toothpaste, moisture lotion, contact lens solution, shampoo, etc., if they can’t be obtained in the area.

  16. If all else fails, you can always send money. That may sound tacky, but it can always be put to use in furthering the missionary work.

Illustrated by Scott Snow