Selected Photography, Art, and Poetry: Sandscapes
August 1988

“Selected Photography, Art, and Poetry: Sandscapes,” New Era, Aug. 1988, 20–29

Selected Photography, Art, and Poetry:

Sand dunes move slowly, like bright waves on a lazy ocean. Breakers hang suspended for months or years. Ripples take days to rise and fall. But the motion never ceases. Under the dominion of wind and gravity, the sand drifts and flows.

Every grain reflects the moving sun and casts its own tiny shadow, making each wave a sea of shifting patterns and textures.

Like sand, our days drift and flow, carrying us with them. Fortunately there are people who can capture the changing patterns of our lives, illuminate them, and preserve them. You who entered the contest are such people.

And what marvelous patterns you found!

The winning article rejoices in Christlike service. Fiction recounts the healing that follows a painful divorce. The winning hymn and song both express love for the Savior. Poetry captures the poet in cages of words and pools of music. Art celebrates an island culture. Photography explores the human face.

On these pages are textures that reflect not only the excellence of your talent, but also the brightness of your faith.

Art by Lupe Niumeitolu