I’ll Follow Christ

    “I’ll Follow Christ,” New Era, Aug. 1988, 12–13

    I’ll Follow Christ

    First-Place Song

    1. My life, like the sands which form the earth,

    molding, changing from my birth.

    My life I can build on rock or on the sand.

    On Christ, my rock, alone I’ll stand.

    I will look to Christ to show the way, His word obey.


    I’ll follow Christ, each step in His while upon this earth I roam.

    My hand in His, I’ll walk led by faith.

    He’ll lead me home.

    2. A seed, a growing plant in need of care,

    My Source of Light is always there.

    I’ll feed on Living Water and the Bread of Life,

    seeking Him in joy and strife.

    I will look to Christ from day to day, His word obey.


    3. One goal, a mighty purpose to fulfill,

    accomplished when I do His will.

    I’m whole when again Christ’s presence I have won,

    when He says, “My child, well done.”

    I will look to Christ eternally, His word believe.


    He’ll lead me home.

    Copyright © 1988 by Rebecca Woodworth Hainsworth. All rights reserved. Making copies of this music for use within the Church is permitted. This notice must be included on each copy made.

    Music, I’ll Follow Christ
    Music, I’ll Follow Christ