“Feedback,” New Era, Mar. 1988, 3


    You hear?

    I have read many letters in the Feedback section expressing appreciation for the New Era. I’d like to add mine to that list. I truly love the New Era. I’d like to share what has benefitted me the most. When I first learned of Mormonad posters I ordered them. I always appreciated the Mormonads, Mormonisms (I always laugh), Scripture Lifeline, Feedback, Fiction, and the entire magazine. I love to learn how a certain scripture passage benefitted someone.

    “The Grudge” in the November 1986 issue came at a time when I needed it most. It helped me to deal with anger at someone. Now I am no longer angry. I also look forward to Jack Weyland’s stories. I just read “Afterwards Refreshments Will Be Served” in the April 1987 issue. I loved it. I just want to say that the New Era has helped me throughout my mission. Missions can sometimes be difficult, but the New Era can help.

    To the person who wrote a Feedback letter titled “I wish I had a friend,” I want to say yes, you have a friend. Simply keep up those prayers. I grew up in wards where I was made fun of by other LDS youth. But I stayed in church. Now those days are long gone. No way would I ever want to leave the Church. It’s too wonderful. I love it. You do have a friend in Elder J. Gunter of the Tennessee Nashville Mission.

    Finally, now all you members out there, tell your nonmember family and friends about the New Era and how it blesses your life, you hear? Let ’em know!

    Elder J. Gunter
    Tennessee Nashville Mission

    Always will

    I love to read the stories in the New Era. I appreciate being able to relate to many of them and being able to apply principles learned from them into my life. Many times I could feel the Spirit as I read. Thank you for those special experiences that have and always will help me combat temptation.

    Valerie Richards
    Manassas, Virginia

    Here I come

    After reading “Is There Life after Young Women?” in the July 1987 issue, I had my first experience in Relief Society. In the article it mentioned visiting teaching, so I gave the Relief Society president my schedule so she could assign me to visit four special sisters in my ward. I know I will probably get more out of my visits with these sisters than they will. I have a feeling that I won’t be sitting dormant long, because my best friend (who also is my mother) has told me that the Relief Society president can’t wait to put me to work. It makes me feel so wanted. So ready or not, Relief Society, here I come.

    Cindy Marie Mitchell
    Seattle, Washington

    I do

    I’m so very thankful for the article “There All Along” in the June New Era. Lately I’ve been wondering if I really had a testimony. This article helped me to see that I do. Thanks so much!

    Rachel Berry
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    April on June

    I really like getting the New Era. I can’t wait until it comes. My brother Adam really likes it too. Thanks for the Mormonad in the June 1987 issue, and thanks for the great magazine.

    April Breidenbaugh
    North Vernon, Indiana

    The first

    I enjoy the New Era so much. I check the mail every day to be the first in my family to read it.

    Nicole Russell
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    That beloved man

    I read with great interest the article about President Walter Stover in the May 1987 issue. It brought back cherished memories of that beloved man, my conversion to the church in 1947, the Freud-Echo in Berlin in 1948, and, yes, the green Cadillac! I saw the Caddy late one evening in Zwickau, driving up the Bahnhofstrasse. It was quite a sight for us Germans. What a huge car!

    At the Freud-Echo, President Stover awarded me a Book of Mormon with his signature for winning in writing a poem. My Book of Mormon is rather old and in bad repair by now. I think I’ll have it restored since it is very special to me.

    I hope President Stover is happy and in good health. A lot of German Saints keep him in their hearts and prayers.

    God bless President Stover always.

    Ursula M. Pfister
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Helping everyone belong

    One day my English teacher was telling us how she thought Clinton Central didn’t welcome new students and left others out. A week later I received the October 1987 New Era. As I was glancing through it, the story “Everyone Belongs” caught my eye. While I was reading, all I could think about was how much this school in the story sounded like my own. Since I am a class officer, I felt I could try to do something.

    I showed the story to my English teacher, who is also my freshman class adviser. While the class was doing the assigned homework, she read the story. I couldn’t help but notice a tear running down her face. When she had finished reading she said she thought we as a school needed to do something to make everyone feel as if they belonged. She had me take the story to Mrs. Pearson, who is in charge of the student council and to Mr. Thompson, who is in charge of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Clinton Central.

    I know this article is going to affect many people at my school, and I can already see the efforts being made to include others by those who have read it.

    Stephanie Dircks
    Kirklin, Indiana