Who’s Minding the Zoo?

    “Who’s Minding the Zoo?” New Era, Mar. 1988, 38

    Special Issue:

    Who’s Minding the Zoo?

    Who’s who at the Honolulu Zoo? Youth from the Honolulu Hawaii Stake, that’s who!

    For the past three years, more than 150 young men and women have participated in a cleanup that’s become an annual project. The youth clean walkways, cages, and offices; paint exhibits; and even help to create new exhibits.

    Gilbert Peves, supplemental work force coordinator of the zoo, said the LDS group “contacted us when we really needed help, and luckily there were people like this who took the initiative.”

    Karen Andrews, an elephant trainer, said this is her second year working with the LDS youth. She especially praised members of the Tongan Branch, who helped move 20 tons of sand into the elephant cage.

    And the LDS volunteers seem to feel the cleanup is worthwhile, too.

    “There’s a lot of work,” said Stacey Shimabukuro of the Makiki Ward. “But working here is neat, especially at the new petting zoo.” Stacey gave more than her time. One of the goats ate a hole in her shirt.

    Chalei Norbriga, of the Hawaii Kai First Ward, said, “Last year we landscaped a certain area, and when we saw it this year it was gorgeous! I didn’t realize it would grow as beautifully as it did.”

    Suli Tautuiaki of the Tongan Branch summed up the feelings of many: “It’s a good idea to come here because we show the public that the zoo is important and that people are trying to help preserve it.”

    Photography by Gig Greenwood