Puzzlement: Search the Scriptures …
December 1985

“Puzzlement: Search the Scriptures …” New Era, Dec. 1985, 32

Search the Scriptures …

In this season when the world celebrates our Savior’s birth, we invite you to follow the path of his ministry through the pages of the scriptures. Each of the standard works testifies abundantly of him. To follow his footsteps, please find and read a passage from each book of scripture (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) concerning the aspects of his life and mission listed below. (The Topical Guide will provide a wonderful map for this pilgrimage. We’ll help a little with a list of topics you might want to check.)

Each passage may be of whatever length you wish (one verse or several verses). As you read each scripture, write the reference in the space provided. This will become a diary of your travels.

When you reach the end, feel free to go back and repeat the process with new scriptures. It is a journey that can provide many hours of happiness. And at the end, you will be better acquainted with the King of Kings.

Photo by Scott Tanner