December 1985

“Feedback,” New Era, Dec. 1985, 3


Better than letters

I am a sister missionary serving in the Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission, and I felt the need to express my gratitude for the excellence of the New Era. Today for the second time in my mission I had the opportunity to read the New Era. One of the elders receives a subscription, and he let me borrow an issue. The first issue I read came in a package from home and was the highlight of the package. We get the Ensign and Church News regularly (more or less), but to receive the New Era is a treat. I have come to realize that I look forward to the Church magazines more than I do to letters.

Both times when I received the New Era, I was suffering from discouragement and hardship. The New Era was like a breath of fresh air, helping me to see my goals and regain my perspective. I am now about to return home, but I wanted to express my thankfulness that the Church has such fine magazines and truly cares about the spiritual welfare of its members. It’s so wonderful to testify to these people that the Church is the means by which they can achieve eternal life.

Thank you for your excellence. I look forward to again reading the New Era every month as I did before my mission.

Evette A. Allen
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission

A light to the world

I can’t thank you enough for the article “A Small Light in the Darkness” in the September issue of the New Era. It helped me in many ways.

When I am with my friends at school, I have a hard time talking about the gospel and sharing how I feel about it. This article influenced me to be a light to the world and to be a better example of what I believe and stand for.

The New Era is a great magazine, and I am always excited to receive it and read the terrific articles in it.

Patricia Denton
Midland, Texas

This new challenge

Thank you so much for printing the story “A Small Light in the Darkness” in the September 1985 issue of the New Era. I’ve just recently moved to Missouri from Twin Falls, Idaho, where I’ve lived for most of my life. Moving has made me realize how much the Church means to me in my life and how important it is to let this new challenge strengthen rather than weaken me—and my testimony.

This story gives me feelings of hope. I can really relate to the boy in the story who had to experience the same situation. I had a real love for the Church and a real appreciation for the special friends and loved ones I had to leave in Idaho. Thank you for publishing such a great magazine for LDS youth!

Lisa Kim Christley
Ballwin, Missouri

My magazine

Hello! I am a 14-year-old freshman. I love the New Era! Every month I eagerly await “my magazine.” Since I subscribed, my whole life has been a whole lot better. I try to live my life as I know I should, and it’s a challenge in a school with about 35 Mormons. But we’re succeeding! Thank you for the great articles you print!

Kris Knell
Rawlins, Wyoming

How hard it is

Every time I read the New Era I get a happy feeling inside of me. While I was reading the September 1985 issue I realized how hard it really is to be as perfect as I want to be. I knelt down beside my bed and began repenting for all of the times I had judged people and treated people badly. I also made resolutions to try extra hard to make people feel good.

Thanks. Without the New Era I could never have made those resolutions.

Lanel Fenn
Pomerenie, Arizona

I’m not afraid

I am 14 years old, and I recently read “A Small Light in the Darkness” by Jack Weyland in the September issue. I enjoy Jack Weyland’s stories. This one strengthened my testimony, and I learned so much from it.

The Sunday after I read the story, my Sunday School teacher shared it with the class. I could feel the Spirit in the room. I know that everyone in the class gained a lot.

After hearing the story and the teacher’s testimony, I am not afraid to stand up and do what I know is right. I’d like to thank you a million times for publishing that story. It strengthened many testimonies.

Connie Maughan
Avon, Utah

An ad a month

I am serving a mission in the Philippines Baguio Mission. Every month I receive a copy of the New Era. It makes me excited and motivated to do the work. I read every article of every issue. I especially enjoy Participatory Journalism and the Mormonads. I really appreciate everything which I learn from them. I only wish there were an ad every month.

Elder Erwin Yancha
Philippines Baguio Mission

A small light

I have to write and thank you for the story in the September issue entitled “A Small Light in the Darkness.” After reading this story, I took time out to look at my own life. I realized how much the people around me affect my life. I saw that they are being an example to me, and I was following it without being an example myself. I decided that from now on I am going to be the example. I copied down the verses about letting “your light so shine before men” and made a poster for my locker at school.

“A Small Light in the Darkness” helped me understand how important being a good example is. Thank you so much for this story and the others like it that help so many people.

Anne Marie Brock
St. Marys, Pennsylvania