February 1983

“Feedback,” New Era, Jan.–Feb. 1983, 3


I’ve felt that way

I was completely touched by the story “Pride and Prejudice” by Susan Evans McCloud in the May 1982 issue of the New Era. I’ve felt the way Michelle did when her family rejected her. It hurts, but it always seems to work out. Ever since I started getting the New Era, I’ve read and cried and laughed. It always has something to help me with my problems and in my everyday life. I love the New Era.

Annette Varma
Citrus Heights, California

A yearly treat

Just a quick note of commendation on the August magazine. Thanks for the photographs, poetry, and particularly the sensitive essay by Elder Maxwell (who never misses, but outdoes himself on this one). The contest issue is a much-anticipated yearly treat.

Kathy G. Stephens

The five-sister gauntlet

I think the New Era is one of the better things in the world nowadays. It has to go through my five sisters before it is laid down, and then only to give it a rest before my oldest sister sits down and plays the beautiful songs it contains.

Janell Andersen
Star Valley, Wyoming

A joy to sing

As president of the Young Women in our branch, I thank the sisters who wrote the words and music for “The Lord Is My Strength,” which was published in the June New Era. It is lovely and inspirational, and I used it this week at our program to welcome three young women into our class. I plan to make a handwritten copy of the lyrics for each of our 13 girls. The song is a joy to sing and play on the piano.

Dawne Gibson
Hastings, Michigan

So blessed

The article “Perilous Rescue” in the July 1982 issue is about our ward Scout group. My son Daren was the last of the boys to be rescued, and we feel so blessed that his life was spared. It was very hard on him to lose two of his best friends in that tragedy. He is presently serving a mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission. This article brings many thoughts and tears, and I know how blessed we are to have Daren.

Mrs. Max Dayton
St. Anthony, Idaho

The 110-year time-voyage of Captain Cook

Having spent my childhood years no more than 120 miles from Christchurch, New Zealand, I read “Welcome to Paradise” in the July New Era with interest. However, I feel that I must point out an error in the text. New Zealand was first discovered by Abel Janszoon Tasman, a Dutch explorer in 1642. He named the land and sailed away. James Cook arrived there in 1769 (not 1879 as stated on page 25), and after charting the coastline and claiming the land for Great Britain, he departed to return in subsequent years. Thank you for the article.

Dan R. Black
Orem, Utah

Our apologies to Mr. Tasman and Mr. Cook, and our thanks to Brother Black for pointing out this error. Editor

Two favorites

I have been receiving the New Era for two years now, and I think it is a truly wonderful magazine. I look forward to each issue. I especially enjoyed “Fifteen Summers” in the June 1980 issue and “Cyrano de Cybernet” in the January-February 1981 issue.

Jackie Dryden
Dumbarton, Scotland

An LDS girl in the pioneer south

Thanks for the New Era. The story that inspired me the most in the July issue was “LDS Girls in the Pioneer West.”

Candy Baldwin
Spartanburg, South Carolina

A testimony strengthener

I would like to thank Richard Romney for his article on the Air Force Academy in the June New Era. It is certainly a testimony strengthener to read of these young men who sacrifice so much for their country but still remain true to their faith in an atmosphere not wholly conducive to religious fervency. I am happy to see the Church and its members so highly respected at the academy. That speaks well for our LDS cadets. I would like to thank the New Era for consistently publishing such an inspirational magazine.

Bryant Larsen
Salt Lake City, Utah

A square who likes to learn

I just started reading the New Era. After reading Elder William Grant Bangerter’s article “Don’t Mind Being Square” in the July issue, I knew that this was going to be an enjoyable magazine. I like the stories in the New Era because I learn from them.

Heather L. Ensign
Bethesda, Maryland


The New Era continues to exhibit a freshness and exuberance that make it addictive reading, particularly when one is continually bombarded by the clever cynicism in much of contemporary literature. Congratulations on leading the field in creating a “style of our own!”

Peter B. Ball
Dublin, Ireland


Thank you for the New Era. It is a great magazine and it is really inspirational to me in my life. The Mormonads are some of the best things in the magazine. They are really great.

Ashlee Cornish
Santa Barbara, California