FYI: For Your Information
February 1983

“FYI: For Your Information,” New Era, Jan.–Feb. 1983, 34–36

For Your Information

The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly, kind companion.

—William Makepeace Thackeray

Theatre at Green Dragon Yard

by John Phillipson

Like many towns throughout England, Stockton-on-Tees is trying to modernize roads, shopping areas, and parking facilities as well as preserve old historic areas. Stockton, with market stalls extending along the center of High Street, is known as the widest market town in Great Britain, and it is packed every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

The side streets include many restored shops which offer townsfolk and tourists a chance to catch a glimpse of their heritage and enjoy the arts as well. On one of these side streets, in an area known as the Green Dragon Yard, both an art gallery and a photography gallery display fine works. In the courtyard a flea market is held. And here also, one of only two Georgian-era theatres in the whole country is still in operation.

This year, rather than holding the usual 10-minute road shows in the stake house, each ward or branch in the Hartlepool England Stake produced a 30-minute play. The plays were first performed in meetinghouse cultural halls as part of family activity nights. Four finalists were then selected to perform on stage at the Georgian Theatre. Everyone showed up at the theatre in Green Dragon Yard to cheer for his favorite play. The four finalists were from the Billingham and Newton Aycliffe wards and the Peterlee and Redcar branches. Ron Berriman, a biology and drama teacher at a local comprehensive school, acted as judge. Billingham’s play, directed by Christine Mawlam, was selected as best overall production, and Alison Milner of Billingham was named best actress. Russell Craig of Newton Aycliffe was awarded the best actor honor.

She’s the Librarian

Donna Leigh Bradberry, 12, has a sacred calling in her branch, and she knows it. She is the meetinghouse librarian of the Slaughter Branch in the Denham Springs Louisiana Stake.

Donna comes early and stays late while her mother teaches the home study seminary class. She has organized the materials into packets for the teachers and has a system to be used for signing out materials. Although being the librarian has been a lot of work, Donna has received the support of her branch in her calling and is grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Rescuing a Friend

Two Scouts from the Virginia Beach Second Ward, Norfolk Virginia Stake, received commendations for saving the life of Harvette Kaneakua during a Sunday School class party.

The medals and certificates for heroism were presented after Brad Alexander and Brian Casson endangered their own lives to save their friend’s. At a beach party, the undertow pulled several of the group out into deep water. Brian helped Harvette stay afloat while Brad towed them both to shore.

Super Senior

Memorial High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has its first female student body president. LuAnne Bingham of the Tulsa Oklahoma First Ward was elected to head the 2,000 students.

LuAnne is also the ward organist and a member of the youth committee. She has been a state winner several times in piano competition.

Saved by a Foot

Twelve-year-old Kenneth L. Bradford of Rocky River, Ohio, prevented a man from jumping off a bridge in a suicide attempt.

Kenneth was on an errand when his bicycle was stolen. While he was searching for the bicycle, a man asked him to call the police and tell them that someone was going to jump from the bridge. Ken did as he was asked, and then he returned to the bridge. There he saw the man straddling a fence on top of the bridge. Ken grabbed his foot and held on until the police arrived. “He was kicking and yelling at me to let go,” said Kenneth. “He just told me to go away. He was real mad because he wanted to jump over.”

Ken has a bicycle shop in his parents’ garage, where he repairs and rebuilds bikes to earn money for his Scouting activities and for a mission. He is a member of the Cleveland First Ward, Cleveland Ohio Stake.

Run On

Otis Kimmons, Jr., is breaking school records with regularity. He recently participated in the Florida State Sunshine Games and took first-place honors for his district in the 880-yard and 1,500-meter races. He went on to place second and fifth in the finals in these runs.

Otis is a member of the Pensacola Third Ward, Pensacola Florida Stake. He is the ward audio specialist and is active in the priests quorum.

Speaking Out

Jeffrey Boyter knows how to say what he means. He won a Speak-Off contest and received an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., New York City, and other points of historical interest.

Jeffrey is an honor student and a member of the cross-country and tennis teams at his high school. He is a member of the Winston Ward, Roseburg Oregon Stake.

Fleet of Foot

Nancy Anderson, 16, lives life at a fast pace. When she isn’t participating in track events, she’s probably preparing for a cross-country ski competition.

Last year in the Nordic Cross-Country Ski Championships held in Lake Placid, New York, Nancy brought home gold medals in all three of her races.

In the spring she won the state championship, setting a new state high school record in the 3,200-meter run.

Nancy is an honor student and excels in music and art. She is a member of the Canon City Colorado First Ward.

Studying Medicine

Kathleen Lebans, Corpus Christi Second Ward, was one of two high school students accepted to the University of Texas Medical Branch Summer Session in Galveston, Texas. Kathleen hopes to study medicine. Besides her interest in medicine, she is active in her school’s concert choir and flag corps.

Outstanding Students

Three youths from the Cleveland Ward, Conroe Texas Stake, took the top academic honors in their graduating classes.

Jeffrey Duane Foote was valedictorian, while Rona Roberts was the third highest academic student at Cleveland High. Margaret Hill was salutatorian of her graduating class at Tarkington High School.

All three were active in band, math, and science, and all three appeared in Who’s Who among American High School Students and received scholarships.

A Winner

Janalee Page, 15, was recently named a United States Achievement Academy national award winner in business. She is also active in gymnastics, placing first all-around in the state of Utah in her division.

Janalee served as president of her Beehive class in the Logan Utah 35th Ward.

Dribbling to Australia

Jan Jensen and Jill Lublin represented the United States and the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area on a basketball tour of Australia. The two girls played with the USA Volcanos, a team made up of outstanding girl basketball players from the state of Washington.

The girls are both active in the Kent Fourth Ward, Renton Washington Stake.

Margaret Hill; Jeffrey Foote; Rona Roberts