Sonnet #1
August 1981

“Sonnet #1,” New Era, Aug. 1981, 19

Sonnet #1

I saw a bird inside the window pane,

Where it had wandered in its foolish flight,

Entrapped in dark and fear throughout the night.

At morn, uncomprehendingly insane,

It beat its wings upon the glass in vain,

And when the door was opened to the light,

It still flew at the pane with all its might;

Its blind false hope become its freedom’s chain.

When I am caught within a problem’s walls,

And, solitary, seek to find my way,

The path with promise will not yield to me,

As I refuse to hear eternal calls

Which open doors for those who’ve gone astray—

And I am blind because I will not see.

Photo by Elaine M. Woodhall

Photo by Alan Rigdon

Illustration by Cary Henrie