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“Feedback,” New Era, May 1975, 2


Up with Jensen

I really enjoyed “Jensen and Ernstein” in the February New Era. It has already inspired the elders here to serve the Lord better. The Lord needs Jensens out here doing his work. I hope this story was read by every young man preparing to go on a mission. If a missionary has the spirit of his calling like Jensen, he will be a success on his mission.

Elder Steven J. Page
Canada Vancouver Mission

The New Era is a great missionary tool. The story “Jensen and Ernstein” in the February issue really motivated us to do better in our callings and to go the extra mile.

Elders Brad Lish and Thad Forrester
Oklahoma Tulsa Mission

“Jensen and Ernstein” was fantastic! It is really true to life. Stories like that are an inspiration to missionaries, I surely appreciate my younger companion, and I really love bringing the gospel to people. The New Era helps a lot.

Elder Donald Zebe
Oklahoma Tulsa Mission

“More Than a Half-Mile Victory”

My sincere thanks for the November New Era. I especially enjoyed “More Than a Half-Mile Victory” by Bishop Featherstone. I understand because my life was also once touched by a teacher.

Elder Hyrum B. Hiatt
Ireland Belfast Mission

I just finished reading “Stories from the General Authorities: More than a Half-Mile Victory” and was thoroughly impressed. It has once again impressed upon me the importance of going the extra mile in our missionary work.

Elder William Thomas
Guatemala Guatemala City Mission

The New Era is a marvelous magazine to read. I really enjoyed the November issue, and my favorite article was “More Than a Half-Mile Victory.”

Graham Bowles
London, England

New Year’s resolution

I didn’t have the school books I needed to study during Christmas vacation, so I got out my 1974 New Eras and started reading them. I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to read the New Era every month and not wait and enjoy it just once a year.

Mary A. Brown
Moses Lake, Washington

Journalistic ecology

Ever since returning from the Texas San Antonio Mission I have been meaning to write and tell you about an idea that I’m sure all missionaries already know about. That is, recycle your New Eras. As soon as you finish reading each fantastic issue, recycle it to a friend. My companions and I would do this with every family who invited us back. What a great missionary the New Era can be! So if you don’t know how to approach your friends about the Church, recycle a truly worthy missionary—the New Era.

Jeffery Turner
Logan, Utah

Some wonderful people

I received copies of the July and August 1974 New Eras only a few days ago. I have read all the articles in them and have enjoyed them more than I can say. I feel that through these articles I have come to know some wonderful people whose approach to living is an inspiration to me. The New Era teaches the ignorant, guides the helpless, and inspires the eager youth. I am looking forward to the forthcoming issues of this impressive magazine.

Lawrence Gomes

Two-box apartment

Missionaries have been living in this apartment for the last two and a half years, so we’ve got a lot of New Eras. In fact, two boxes full! Each issue contains its own special message. After we have read and reread them, we loan them out to our English-speaking friends and investigators. It’s a fine missionary tool. The beautiful pictures also make fantastic birthday, anniversary, and get-well cards, as well as many other types of cards. We also use the pictures in our proselyting program.

Elders F. A. Ricker and C. R. Jernigan
Venezuela Caracas Mission

She’s my sister

It seems I always receive the New Era on the day of the month when I need it most. Finding it in the mailbox can make the grayest day bright and cheerful. I particularly enjoyed the October issue and just loved the story “Is She Your Sister?” How many time I have heard those exact words! My sister, five years older than I, is the ideal Latter-day Saint girl. She is beautiful, intelligent, poised, talented, and has a sparkling personality. She has been given many honors throughout her childhood and teens. But I was lucky enough to learn at an early age that I am a unique individual, special in my own way. It was through the Church that I was taught this. My Young Women advisers, friends, and family all helped me to build my self-confidence. I’m a freshman in high school this year and love it. Now when I hear the words, “Is she your sister?” I answer with pride and love, “She’s my sister!”

Dana Trech
Corona Del Mar, California


I helped open Kalibo, Philippines, to missionary work, and I had to help teach the converts how to give talks. As a result, I have discovered that the New Era is a great source of material for talks. It has also helped the new members see the gospel in action and realize that the gospel is for all nations. We take a three-hour bus ride every preparation day, and since the road is too bumpy for letter writing, I read a lot. Last preparation day I read the whole October 1974 issue of the New Era. I especially appreciated the message “Love” by Elder Joseph Anderson. Having lived with my companions 24 hours a day, I can testify that a companionship (much like a marriage) requires each companion to give his all—100 percent. Fifty-fifty relationships don’t work. I wholeheartedly agree with Elder Anderson. There can be nothing selfish in the gospel, especially for those of us who have been called to preach the gospel.

Elder D. L. Starr
Philippines Cebu Mission

“Just for Today”

I just finished reading the January issue from cover to cover. The message “Just for Today” is just what I needed. I had been wondering what resolutions I could make that would really help me. The Q and A “Under what circumstances do we reprove sharply?” was also just what I needed because I have always wondered just how sharply we are supposed to reprove. “Agency or Inspiration” by Elder Bruce R. McConkie will also be very helpful to me. I really enjoyed the story “On a Wind and a Prayer” and the pictures of “The Land of Promise.” Actually, the whole magazine was wonderful.

Bonnie Jean Gardner
El Toro, California

Hurray for youth!

Hurray for youth! I’ve just read “Is She Your Sister?” by Anya Bateman. Wow! I too felt like laughing and crying at the end. My congratulations to Anya and to the artist, Sherry Thompson.

Mrs. Cal Lordahl
Oakland, California

Cloud killer

After receiving the New Era for a year, I am writing to say what a super special magazine it is. I enjoy reading it. The articles are well written and interesting. I especially like the October issue that emphasized LDS women. Besides providing reading pleasure, the New Era also lifts my spirits. When I am depressed or discouraged, I just read the New Era, and the clouds over my head disappear.

Sylvia Acevedo
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Playing with suicide

The Photo of the Month by Royce Bair in the January issue is photographically perfect, but I hope it doesn’t kill somebody. The people in the picture are standing at the edge of a large cornice (overhang of snow). This is sheer suicide. I am a mountaineer and guide of 30 years’ experience, and I know what I’m talking about. The people in this photo are playing with suicide. I hope none of your young readers will imitate their behavior. Remember—stay as far away from the cornice as you can!

Milosh Benesh
La Crescenta, California


Due to changes in the New Era printing schedules, winners of the Design-a-Jaredite-Barge Contest will be announced in the July issue.