A Puzzlement: Identification
May 1975

“A Puzzlement: Identification,” New Era, May 1975, 50

A Puzzlement:


Each of these statements may be used to describe one or more people from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. See if you can fill in two names for each description, one from the Old World scripture and one from the New World. If at the end you have made more correct Bible guesses than Book of Mormon guesses, perhaps you have discovered your weak and strong points in scriptural knowledge. If you guessed both answers correctly each time, don’t forget the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.

1. Received a heavenly manifestation while traveling to persecute the Church

2. As a young lad, became commander of the whole army

3. Built a boat and sailed from one continent to another in order to escape the destruction of his home

4. Left his home to find a promised land

5. Blessed his sons before his death, telling them what would happen to them and their descendants

6. Wrote an epistle dealing with faith, hope, and charity

7. Foresaw the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (Chäldeans)

8. Journeyed from city to city, preaching the gospel and setting the church in order

9. A king who sent out princes as missionaries

10. Offered a prayer to God in a garden

11. Defeated his enemy in single combat and cut off his head

12. By the king’s order, cast into the fire to be executed

13. A man, not of royal lineage, who was offered the kingship and declined it

14. Returned to the land of his fathers and led his people out of bondage

15. Led his entire army to destruction