Valentine Day Cryptograms
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“Valentine Day Cryptograms,” New Era, Feb. 1975, 29

Valentine Day Cryptograms

A cryptogram is a saying written in code. Each letter of the alphabet becomes another letter; for instance, a becomes x, b becomes q, etc. The code is different in each of the following valentine cryptograms. See if you can figure them out.

1. Ncwwcv wqat wh nc shxco ej wh shxc.

________ ______ ____ ____ _______ ____ ____ ______.

2. … hvv gszg bv yirwov zoo blfi kzhhrlmh, gszg bv nzb yv uroovw drgs olev. …

… _____ ______ ____ ________ _____ _____ __________, ______ ____ _____ ____ ________ ____ _______. …

3. Sr zmmizvm lrzimk xw mlr gozdjmjrk sr tjkedzw; sr irmzja mlrb xw mlr gozdjmjrk sr eckkrkk.

____ _________ ________ ____ _____ ____________ ____ _________; ____ ________ ______ ____ _____ ___________ ____ ___________.


  • 1. Better than to be loved is to love.


    a a

    g d

    m g

    s j

    y m

    b n

    h q

    n t

    t w

    z z

    c b

    i e

    o h

    u k

    d o

    j r

    p u

    v x

    e c

    k f

    q i

    w l

    f p

    l s

    r v

    x y

    2. … see that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love. … Alma 38:12


    a z

    g t

    m n

    s h

    y b

    b y

    h s

    n m

    t g

    z a

    c x

    i r

    o l

    u f

    d w

    j q

    p k

    v e

    e v

    k p

    q j

    w d

    f u

    l o

    r i

    x c

    3. We attract hearts by the qualities we display; we retain them by the qualities we possess.


    a z

    g n

    m b

    s k

    y w

    b x

    h l

    n a

    t m

    z y

    c v

    i j

    o c

    u o

    d t

    j h

    p e

    v q

    e r

    k f

    q g

    w s

    f p

    l d

    r i

    x u

Illustrated by Pat Machin