Snow Fun
January 1973

“Snow Fun,” New Era, Jan. 1973, 24

Snow Fun

Many New Era readers find themselves surrounded by snow at this time of year … Such a cool predicament can bring on some of the best kinds of winter fun.

Young people from the Targhee National Forest to the slopes of Park City West enjoy skiing, tanning, tubing, eating, and just being with good friends.

Photos by Eldon Linschoten and Brent Christensen

An inner tube, snow, and a sunny day team up for fun

Tom Bennet mid geländesprung over the top

Last one on the tube walks down

Tube train

Steve Jones downs a handful of popcorn

Rusty Jenkins

What would a day in the snow be without a good snowball fight?

Penny Sherman getting ready

Some snowballs are bigger than others

Steve Henson and a little “hotdogging”

David Head ready to ski

The end … of a great day