Closet Organization
January 1973

“Closet Organization,” New Era, Jan. 1973, 44

Closet Organization

When your room has to serve as study, sleeping quarters, and recreation room, as well as be shared with a brother or sister, you have to make the most of limited closet space.

Available room space seems to get smaller and smaller before your eyes, but solutions can be found in a variety of anti-clutter controls and clever organization. Here are some basic tips.

A big clutter-cutter is the staggered-level closet. This mode of storage is available in many forms. Adjustable vinyl-coated steel units are very versatile in their range of size and type and can be installed with relatively few clamps and brackets. Tension poles can also be used to divide closets into sections and can serve as frames to support clothing bars and shelves.”*

Two big advantages of using these closet accessories are that they’re easy to assemble and they’re gentle on the walls—no nails, no pounding, no mars. They’re great for renters. However, if you prefer to work with wood, you can accomplish the same space saving with built-in shelves or shelves hung on brackets, using wooden dowels as clothes bars to divide and conquer the storage problem.

A good beginning in clever organization and space saving is to place things most often used so they can be reached quickly and without emptying the entire shelf of its contents. Other devices are stackable plastic containers with transparent, front-opening doors and drawers. These help you identify individual items without removing everything.

Use a special little shelf for shoe polish, spot remover, and the like, positioned up out of the reach of little brothers and sisters. A compartmented plastic locker bag can be hung on the door to hold such items as wallets, sunglasses, and clothes brushes. Hang umbrellas or batons on wooden cabinet knobs. Wall-mounted shoe racks and a slack caddie on casters, holding several pairs of pants, also help organize space efficiently.*

Special tips:


A metal filing cabinet spray-enameled in a bright color holds cuff links, tools, and odds and ends of all types.

A two-tier desk tray holds accessories and can be attached with double-faced mounting squares. Place a mirror just above it for tying ties and combing hair.*


A tie rack is good for belts, necklaces, and ribbons.*

A metal filing cabinet spray-enameled in a bright color can hold hosiery, stationery, and jewelry.*

Porcelain hooks may be used for shoulder-strap purses, and wooden peg racks work for scarves.*

Use clothespins to hold limp boots straight and tall.

Just one word of warning. If you’re inclined to be a pack rat, you’re still in trouble, unless you are willing to sort the junk and weed out all the “don’t needs.”

  • See illustrations.

Tie rack; Tension poles; Wooden peg rack; Wooden shelves; Shelf for shoe polish and other small items; Wall-mounted shoe rack; Vinyl-coated steel units; Metal file cabinet

Mirror; Stackable plastic containers; Two-tier desk tray; Wooden cabinet knobs; Stack caddie; Wall-mounted shoe rack